It all started with a dream.

The yearning to accomplish something more than what I think I am capable of was the driving force that started this blog. It all started in 2011. Since then, I was documenting the milestones that I have accomplished for my goals. Lots of things have also happened during all those years, and all the happy memories and events are documented here.

As the years passed, I realized that goals are inevitable to change. My original About Page consisted of the six original goals that I plotted to accomplish. I haven't changed them since then, and I think it's time I do so. Starting from now, I will make my goals more flexible, and I will actually pattern it with what I do at my work: quarterly MBOs.

Every quarter I will list down 3  main goals and 5 minor ones that I want to accomplish within that time period. I don't know yet what prize I would want to grant myself in case I get to accomplish them all. Maybe a VIP concert ticket? A new dress? :)) This idea is still in the works, so I will update this page with I can come up with guidelines on this personal project. #exciting #hopethisworks

A lot has happened since this whole thing started, and I'm proud with all the things I've achieved as a blogger.

Last updated: 1 Jan 2016