HOW-TO: Ordering Certificates at PSAHelpline

March 31, 2022

Civil Registry certificates are one of the most important documents that you'll need to secure a copy of, as this is one of the most common legal documents that you will need in completing both government and private applications/transactions. Good news is -- it's so easy now to get a copy of your certificates. You can actually order them online and have it delivered to your house! 

The Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) has the PSA Helpline PH website, wherein the following documents can be ordered:

I recently ordered documents from the website, and I must say, I'm very happy with the smooth and fast experience of requesting the certificates. I'm sharing here my experience to serve as your guide if it's your first time using the website:

Ordering Online
Upon going to the PSA Helpline PH website, you will be asked what type of certificate you will be ordering. Prior to navigating to the form itself, you will be given a list of all the details that are needed for the application. I really liked this part because I am reminded of all the information that I need to be in handy to complete the application form.

Here's the list of all details you need to provide when requesting for a birth certificate

The form was very easy to fill-out, both via desktop and phone (yes, even with a small screen, it was easy to navigate the form 😀). After completing the form, a reference number is generated. You will then be asked for your mode of payment. Take note of the reference number, as this is needed in the payment method. There are lots of payment options available, which actually makes the process even more convenient.

You can complete the payment days after completing the form online. I'm just not sure if there is a deadline for the payment to be completed, or else the application will expire. Well, if you want to have your certificates as soon as possible, you will need to act fast and complete the payment. 😎💵

Waiting for the Delivery
It's so easy to track where in the process my order was already at. Each order undergoes different statuses. There are two ways to check the status of your delivery:

  1. Check the status via the website.

  2. If you are the intended recipient, you will receive emails to notify you of the status change of the delivery.

Receiving the Delivery
Since I was the recipient of the document (as what I have filled out on the form) I got a text message on the day that it was being delivered. The courier was strict with the process that only the intended recipient is the one to receive it. Initially it was my mom who answered the door and she asked if she could receive the document on my behalf (I was inside my room, working 😅). Since I expected this, I went out and received it myself (the delivery guy also asked for my ID). I commend this process because this makes the delivery secure because this will prevent unauthorized people from getting a hold of your legal registry certificates!

It took 2 working days for my certificate to be delivered, which is not bad. That's faster than most of our online shopping deliveries! 😆🛒

I'm so happy to know that getting a copy of civil registry certificates now is very convenient and hassle free! If you also need yours, just visit PSA Helpline PH.

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