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Q3 2018 

Main Goals (Needs)
- outline plans / budgets for next year's venture
- checkup wrist/knee
- lower down weight by 7 pounds!

Minor Goals (Wants)
- finish the rest of the travel posts
- complete a Memrise course
- finish rereading HP series (up to book 5)
- finish that piano piece :D
- find a Korean book title

Q2 2018 

Main Goals (Needs)
 finish braver goals
 finish my next milestone for the NZ goal
 purchase plan!

Minor Goals (Wants)
✘ finish TTMIK Level 3
 finish 2015-2016 travel posts
Finally was able to post my Cebu, Davao, and Negros Occidental travel posts!
 finish that meditation pack
finish reading basics - A1 book

Q1 2018 

Main Goals (Needs)
 finish braver goals - I still need to finish this...
 finish milestones for NZ goal
 purchase that plan!

Minor Goals (Wants)
 piano: back to basics - I was able to join Reddit's March piano jam!
✘ finish TTMIK Level 3 - I'm still at Level 4 on the audio lessons, but still I'm stuck on Level 2 on the books
 reach ideal weight - hey I was able to keep my weight down by avoiding eating rice since January!
 declutter again! find items to sell
 finish 2015-2016 travel posts

Q4 2017 

Main Goals (Needs)

 reach that milestone
 research autos and decide on the purchase - I changed my mind because I have other plans in mind...
 declutter the house

Minor Goals (Wants)

 piano: Bohemian Rhapsody
 clean up to-do list: leave only those that spark joy
 publish one post in Korean - I posted more than one! 😀
 finish reading 2 books
 write a song

Q3 2017 

Main Goals (Needs)

 finish a webinar - finished the Body Transformation (Part 1) class at ShawAcademy
 secure another plan
 organize a trip - solely organized our Masungi Reserve Trip

Minor Goals (Wants)

 buy an indoor bike trainer
 sell another stuff - still waiting for a buyer!
 complete that emergency bag
 exercise - participated in some badminton sessions at the office / used the biking trainer at home
 drive - drove my brother's car around our village... but I need MORE practice!

Q2 2017 

Main Goals (Needs)

 seek help - did the first major step, and from there, I will continue to follow the process :)
✓ secure plans - already secured mine :)
✘ secure bucket

Minor Goals (Wants)

✘ finish reading a book from my reddit discoveries
 bike in new roads
✓ sell stuff - already sold my old piano!
✘ plan for a solo escapade
✓finish a piano piece - uh I finished learning 3 songs! beat that! :D

Q1 2017 

Traveling calmed my soul, so now I am back on track! Here are the goals that I want to finish for the quarter!

Main Goals (Needs)
✓ Have my knees checked again - and still ongoing...
✘ Add up to my "security" list - I'll have to carry this to the next quarter...
✓ Collect "stars". - yup, I did but, I still need to work harder

Minor Goals (Wants)
✘Finish Everglow - still studying it... but I finished learning The Scientist! I will post about it soon!
✓ Buy a bike - yes I did!
✓ Capture photos of constellations (one for each month, per the Astro book guide I purchased online) - I was able to capture some stars this quarter
✓ Finish books that I borrowed
✓ Color my hair - LOL already did this one (and I even went beyond the usual)

Q4 2016 

I decided to pause for this quarter and not set any goals for myself within this time. I tried listing down things I wanted to do in the next three months, but my head was blank. I'm suspecting this is related to my problem. I don't want to pressure myself too much so I decided to pause for now. I'm planning to do some soul-searching this time.

Q3 2016 

Since I still had a number of goals not accomplished from the past quarters, I'll recreate them as goals for this one.

Main Goals (Needs) (33%)
✘[0%] Follow a diet program
✓[75%] Jog/bike/swim during the weekends
✘[25%] Revisit investments

Minor Goals (Wants) (85%)
✓[100%] Use all the remaining yoga lessons
✓[100%] Learn a new piano piece
I was able to finish learning John Legend's All of Me!
✘[50%] Finish that book you borrowed
✓[100%] Finish one drama - Doctors
✓[75%] Finish all client-waiting posts

Q2 2016 

Main Goals (Needs) (50%)
✓[50%] Maintain a regular exercise routine [2/2] - 30-min to 1 hour exercise 4 times a week!
- I was able to do this for half of the quarter, however I had to stop it when I started consulting doctors regarding my knee.

✓[100%] Check up knee and shin bone issues, and recover!
 - I was able to do consultations on my knee with orthopedics, and also was able to finish PT sessions to rehabilitate my knee. :)

✘ [0%] Undertake an online technical course [2/2]
- Unfortunately I still was not able to do this one, because I had other priorities for this quarter.

Minor Goals (Wants) (30%)
✓[50%] Spring cleaning! (soft and hard documents)
- Since I changed rooms, I still have not arranged some of my belongings, so I think I'll have to continue this to next quarter.

✓[50%] Read 2 Paulo Coelho books
- I was only able to read one. :p

✘ [0%] Finish watching Mars DVD
- Unfortunately, I had no time to watch this one. :/

✓[50%] Use up all the Sephora samples. :D
- Still using them!

✘ [0%] Ship that package to the giveaway winner (about time!)
- Ugh. This one actually doesn't depend on me, but on another person. :/

Q1 2016 

Main Goals (Needs)

✓ [50%] Reach my desired weight (GOAL 1/2)
I did not manage to lose some weight this quarter. However, I give myself credit for the efforts I have taken to develop an active lifestyle.

✓ [50%] Cook every weekend at home
I was only able to do this for the first half of the quarter.

✘ [0%]Work on a personal scripting project (GOAL 1/2)
I did not really have time to do this task this quarter. 😢

Minor Goals (Wants)

✓ [25%] Learn a new piano piece
Well I learned to do the introduction instrumental of a few songs. And also I was able to improve my note reading via the Piano Maestro iPad app.

✓ [50%] Watch 1 drama series & 3 movies from my library
- Movie 1: Howl's Moving Castle
- Movie 2: Garden of Words

- Series: Descendants of the Sun [drama in progress]

✓ [25%] Finish all travel posts
My travels from Q4 last year are still in queue.

 Play at a game at Mystery Manila with friends

 [100%] Join a fun run

✓ [100%] Climb another mountain
I climbed a total of 4 mountains this quarter!

Q4 2015 

Main Goals (Needs)

 [100%] Get that "plan" for security in the future
It's about time I get one, and I am excited to finally start on something. #crypticgoal

★ Learn how to swim
This is a life skill (next to driving) that I have been wanting to learn for the longest time.

✓ [100%] Learn more about concert photography
Enroll in Kris Rocha's music photography workshop.

  [100%] Organize and add something on that "jar"
Again, this is for tomorrow's security! #anothercrypticgoal

Minor Goals (Wants)

 [100%] Finish a Coursera course
Finished Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making course

 [100%] Finish studying that piano piece

✓ [100%] Finish that book

✘ [0%] Use all the remaining yoga lessons
 - Q1 2016 [50%] - already used up 2 of my classes

[50%] Do regular jogging with officemates!
 - Q1 2016 [75%] - did regular jogging with colleague!

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