Cool Websites: Creepy Korean Comic Toon [★]

November 13, 2011

I first learned about this comic when one of my friends in facebook posted this. It was the fic that Jaejoong and Yoochun (members of JYJ) were reading and apparently they tweeted about it.

It's a comic toon in naver. I have read several websites that posted comments about this cartoon. It was so scary that people jumped out of their seats. 

I was really curious to what that site contains, but too scared to read it. xD

But I wanted to make a review of that webtoon for the sake of this post, so finally, I am going to read it. (OMG I HOPE I DON'T DIE)

*after reading the comic*

Ugh. That face was horrible, although it didn't scare me anymore. Maybe because I spoiled myself too much. Haha.

See it for yourself.

(But then again, I looked into that site again, and the images started to move. OMG IT GAVE ME THE CREEPS. TT__TT)

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