TVXQ's Tone Album [☝]

November 25, 2011

Last time, I made a review for JYJ's In Heaven album.This time, the focus is on TVXQ's latest album - Tone. This post is also in celebration of it's launch to the Philippines on November 26, 2011.

The duo is back with another one.


01. Introduction ~magenta~
 This song is sang by Changmin, which has a very lullaby-ish melody. (Hmm, actually I don't get to hear this often because I removed this in my playlist. >< Well practically because this song did not really appeal to me.)

02. B.U.T. (BE-AU-TY)
A very upbeat song, this one will be fun to dance with. The chorus has a very catchy tone. The duo does several powerful raps which made the song livelier. Also, I love how they played with the B.U.T. pronunciation, which is actually spoken as "bee-you-teeh."

03. I Think U Know
This is almost the same with B.U.T. but this one has a more party club-ish tune. It will also remind you of the music of those token game machines that are being played in the arcade. Changmin's screams are powerful and very effective as always, and Yunho's nasal rapping is present too.

04. Duet
Compared to the previous two songs, this is kinda mellow. It showcases the beautiful blending of the voices of these two singers. Apparently,the title nicely fits the song.

05. Thank you my girl
Pachelbel's Canon - with a cheery twist, that's a perfect description of this song. It is  nice to listen to this while on the road, with the sun shining brightly, with some scattered clouds and birds soaring across the sky.

06. Telephone
This is another mellow song with a melody that is soothing to the ears.

07. Back to Tomorrow
This song exudes a dramatic feeling accentuated with beautiful piano notes.

08. Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
This song sounded fiercer compared to the Korean version, maybe because of how Japanese words are pronounced.

Nothing much of this differs with that of the Korean version.

10. I Don’t Know
I love their voices in this song. They're full of angst

11. Superstar
This is a very energetic song which gives off an energetic fighting aura.

12. Shiawase Iro no Hana
THIS IS MY MOST LOVED SONG IN THIS ALBUM!  All the emotions are there. I haven't read the translation for this song but I am thinking that this is a love song. I'm just not sure if it has a positive or a negative tone, regarding to the status of the relationship.

13. Easy Mind
With this very jolly song, listening to this will really put you in a very good mood... especially with that laugh at the end... <3 (I'm not sure, but I think it was Yunho).

14. Weep
It's also a mellow song with a nice melody. The song gives the feeling of seeing the first rays of sunlight after a long storm, with a rainbow forming in the sky. I just don't understand why the title is like this. It seems like a happy song though.

15. Somebody to Love
Regardless of the point that this version really breaks my heart because it was a song originally sung by the five of them, they did a rendition of it flawlessly.

However, deep behind each beat and melody of the song, a lonely feeling creeps in because you know  there are three voices missing to fill each note... especially on the part "Love... love... love... love..." TT___TT


I'd be totally honest. I'm still sad because of the fact that the group is still called 'TVXQ' even if there are only two members left. Although Yunho and Changmin didn't have the best vocal abilities in the original five-member group, they were still able to pull everything off. Imagine, this is already their second album as a duo. Hats off to them! :D

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