Social App 'LINE' Launches PH Promotions Featuring SuJu's Siwon [★]

April 30, 2013

Nowadays, it's very easy to communicate with anyone in the world. Everyone is now connected with each other through the world wide web, and the mobility of phones with different applications just made chatting and talking to friends online easier and more convenient.

LINE, a social application for PC and mobile, shows how fun it is to chat online through its latest TV commercial to air on Philippine TV beginning May 1 featuring its newest brand ambassador, Super Junior's Siwon.

Siwon himself uses this app to communicate with his friends. He says,
"Oftentimes, I am away from home, so I miss my families and friends a lot. But sometimes I am a bit too shy to express my feelings. Since I started using LINE, it became much easier for me to exchange my feelings with my families and friends, even when I am far away in other countries."

“We at LINE have always been open to innovative and creative ways to put our mobile messaging platform out there and to reach as many people as we can,” explained Lee Jin Woo, General Manager of LINE Business Office at LINE PLUS. “Starting with this TV commercial, we plan to cooperate with various Philippine local businesses and brands for more localized offerings in order to provide a more exciting and enriching experience for Philippine users.”

LINE has become one of the most popular social app in the market today, reaching up to 140 million users globally. 

LINE app is available for PC and for mobile.

For more information about LINE, visit their Facebook and Youtube page and their official blog site.

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