What is your Passion? [❁]

May 04, 2013

It's amazing what people can do when they are passionate about something. Passion is what fuels the mind and body to accomplish things that they want to do in their life. This is what makes them successful and what makes them feel fulfilled in their everyday lives.

I've been with people who are into different things. 

I've been with people who are so into astronomy. I myself is an enthusiast in the field, but I never imagined what other astronomy buffs do in immersing their selves in this interest. Aside from knowing A LOT about the heavenly bodies (like this great lady that I know who can tell the position of the constellations like the back of her hand), they really invest into witnessing astronomical events in real life. During my time in UP Astrosoc, a team went to Shanghai, China to see the longest solar eclipse of this lifetime. We were just students then and some of us didn't have the resources to make that trip possible. Due to kind-hearted alumni of the org, we were able to collect funds to send one student (or two..? I cannot remember anymore.) to China along with the team. Whenever I boast that org's activity with my other classmates, they really frown and ask me why we really put effort in doing these things. Imagine making all the effort in going to China just to see a solar eclipse that will last for a few minutes? I get what he's trying to say, but you cannot blame these people. This is their passion. This is what they love to do in life. Though I was not one of the Shanghai team, nothing compared to the excitement and joy that I felt when they showed us the video of the eclipse after their return to the country. It showed the city being engulfed into darkness in a matter of seconds, and after several minutes the surroundings lit up and the sun was shining again.

I've been with people who are into fangirling. Ahh, the craziness a fangirl would do. I'm into kpop and I know a lot of fangirls too. I love the music and the artistes, but these ladies would do more for their idols. They memorize the lyrics, the choreography, imitate their fashion, and splurge their money in every kpop merchandise that they would lay their hands on. They know the latest from their idols because they always read news about them. Sometimes I wonder if they still have personal lives because of that. -___- And again, that's another form of passion. 

I've been with people who are into singing. I'm not talking about people who just love to always sing along with their favorite songs, I'm talking about those who want to pursue singing professionally. I have a very good friend who showed me just that. She sacrificed many things to pursue her love in chorale singing, even her IT career, just to be part of a chorale of a university here in the country. But look at her now, she's reaping the fruits of her hardwork. She has now become an official member of that chorale and they would be doing a European tour next year in celebration of the golden anniversary of that chorale. 

All in all, these scenarios boil down to passion. I just love how it can make people become dedicated and hardworking in that field of their life. Though I realized that having too much passion with something could be destructive too. Still, passion is all about doing what you love, and doing great on it.

As of now, I still don't have that something that I can say I have a passion for, but I'm out to look for it. It's nice to do something that you know you truly enjoy and love to do. 

How about you, what is your passion?

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