Bruno Mars: The Moonshine Jungle Tour - Live in Manila [★]

March 23, 2014


I have never been this awed after seeing an artist perform on a concert before, but after this one...  wow. Just wow. Bruno Mars blew me away.

We all know how powerful Bruno's voice is - that sexy husky voice that serenades us on each of his songs. Other artists don't dare do a cover of his songs because comparison with the original is inevitable, and people might be too harsh if their expectations are not met (as what I have witnessed in a local reality talent show).

Bruno Mars performing on stage at MOA Arena
With Bruno Mars, talent is undeniable. He is a true artist at heart. Performing is like breathing for him.
He has already mastered the art.

It's truly amazing how he weaves a whole new rendition for his songs. I love how he inserts a lot of ad lib on the melody and arrangement. It's like he never performs a song the same way each and every time. He really owns his music.

The band with him in the concert was commendable too. The arrangement of each of the songs is very different, making most of them way way better than the original.

It was one hell of a performance. Every second of it was amazing.

Words fail me on how to describe that concert. There was no dull moment! From the opening lyrics  of Moonshine to the rockin' finale of Gorilla, the show will really put you up on your feet and keep you dancin' with each beat that Bruno Mars performs on the stage. The spectacular lights and fireworks (and bombs??) added up to the energy of the stage.

Before the concert, I had no idea on how he does the show live. I never knew how charismatic he can be on stage! Aside from the fact that he's a very (very very very very) good singer, he's a great dancer too!

Bruno Mars now tops my list of the best concerts I've been to, or I think he shares the top spot with Maroon 5's last live stage here in the country. Hehehe.

I love you Bruno! Please please do come back to the Philippines soon! We'll be waiting! :D

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