News Roundup: LINE Mobile Platform [★]

March 25, 2014

LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with over 350 million users, continuous to provide the best service for all of its users. This is why news keeps on coming in about all the wonderful things that the developers over at LINE are making for us!

Here's a summary of all their achievements for the first quarter of this year 2014:

February 18, 2014
LINE Theme Shop lets you decorate your messaging experience

LINE has unveiled its new Theme Shop for Android and iPhone users in the Philippines. Through the store, Filipinos can purchase themes that decorate their LINE chat visuals with LINE characters Leonard and Sally. What’s more, the themes of the ever popular Cony and Brown are still available to users for free.

Since first being introduced in June 2013, LINE Themes have been downloaded more than 200 million times by users around the world to add a personal and colorful touch to their LINE interface.

“The Theme Shop already offers a wide variety of themes centered on the beloved characters of LINE,” said Greg Kim, Senior Manager of LINE Plus Corporation. “In the next months, we will be adding Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma themes, and we promise to deliver more fun-loving motifs as the year progresses.”

Filipino users can also purchase themes from the LINE Web Store and send them as gifts to their LINE friends.

LINE is now available on Firefox Marketplace

The Firefox OS platform has been gaining particular traction among smartphone users, including Filipinos. In line with that, the mobile messaging app has continued to expand its reach and is now available on the Firefox Marketplace.

“We are glad to welcome Firefox users in the Philippines to LINE,” says Kim. “One of our main goals is to advance our accessibility to more Filipinos, so they can enjoy LINE’s unparalleled mobile platform services.”

Important Notes
1.       Themes are only supported by the iPhone and Android versions of the LINE app.
2.       iPhone users can only send Theme gifts to friends via Web Store only.
3.       Purchased themes are supported for 180 days after sales end.

February 25, 2014
LINE continues its surge in users, cites its secure platform

- LINE’s new daily user number skyrockets more than 10 times
- LINE provides the safest service for ultimate user privacy protection

LINE has seen a record-breaking inflow of daily new users, as many as 10 times in some regions, since the weekend of February 23, 2014. The recent surge is attributed to LINE’s unparalleled communication services that are the most safe and reliable, in the midst of recent system trouble experienced by other service providers.

“We are pleased to provide our many users in the Philippines with a complete, exciting, and secure mobile messaging experience,” remarked Mr. Greg Kim, Head of the Philippines at LINE Business Development Division, LINE Plus Corporation.

Many users have already chosen LINE as the ideal solution that offers an advanced system support and wide range of features that offer free messaging, voice and video calling, as well as interactive elements such as Stickers, Timeline and Official Accounts, under the ongoing industrial changes in the mobile messaging market.

To ensure user privacy protection and stable service support, LINE does not store or track any user information. All user information submitted when creating a new account, as well as messages exchanged between users, are encrypted. Moreover, LINE adheres to its company policy of not providing any user information to an external party.

LINE is also the first mobile messenger in the world to receive all three international certifications in internal control management (SOC2, SOC3 and SysTrust), which proves its leading security standards.

LINE will continue to safely protect all user information from third party access and will continue to offer the most dynamic services that can be trusted anywhere around the world.

March 25, 2014
LINE Call connects Filipinos to their loved ones abroad

New service from LINE offers affordable domestic and international calls to Filipino users

LINE has released the Android and iOS version of LINE Call, a low-cost IP phone service that allows users to make calls to landlines and mobile devices to over 200 countries and regions—directly from the LINE app without initial set up.

LINE Call connects Filipinos

“There are millions of OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) around the world,” says Greg Kim, head of LINE Corporation Philippines. “The only way these everyday heroes connect to their families is by phone—and they pay expensive amounts just to share short conversations with their loved ones. But with the help of LINE Call, they can now reach their families and friends at a much affordable cost.”

Filipino LINE users can now choose between the existing free call service to other LINE users and low-cost calls to any other number with LINE Call, making for a more convenient calling experience.

LINE Call offers low-cost calls by combining the greatly reduced calling costs of IP phones with LINE’s ability to secure large-scale telephone lines in various regions. LINE Call takes advantage of premium phone lines provided by major telecommunication service companies, while adapting the service to the unique capabilities of each OS and mobile device type. This offers Filipino users uninterrupted voice calls of the highest quality possible.

In addition to the Philippines, LINE Call has also been launched in Thailand, Columbia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and the United States. LINE plans include more regions in the upcoming months, and the iPhone version is currently under development.

How to use LINE Call?

1.    Update your LINE app to the latest 4.1.0 version
2.    Check out “More” Tab and press “LINE Call”
3.    For domestic calls, proceed to dial the recipient’s phone number or select a contact from your  phonebook, and tap “Call”
4.    For international calls, select the recipient’s country number, followed by the phone number
5.    Enjoy the low-cost, clear calls with your loved ones around country & the world!

Flat rates no matter where you are calling from!
*All prices are per minute unless specified otherwise

Calls to Landlines
Calls to Mobile Devices
₱5.28/min (12 credits)
₱7.04/min (16 credits)
United States
₱0.88/min (2 credits)
₱0.88/min (2 credits)
₱1.32/min (3 credits)
₱6.16/min (14 credits)
South Korea
₱0.88/min (2 credits)
₱1.32/min (3 credits)
Hong Kong
₱0.88/min (2 credits)
₱1.32/min (3 credits)
₱0.88/min (2 credits)
₱3.96/min (9 credits)
₱1.32/min (3 credits)
₱1.76/min (4 credits)

For more information on call costs for 200+ different countries and regions, see The cost-per-minute of a call is also automatically displayed on the dialing screen, so users can make calls in the secure knowledge that they know how much they are being charged.

Accepted payment methods

LINE Call will offer two types of service plans for users to choose from. The user can either charge their “Call Credit” by paying in advance for the time spent making calls, or they can choose to adopt the “30-Day Plan,” which offers a lower rate but requires the time be used within 30 days of the purchase date. There are also two forms of payment methods available. Callers can either pay inside the LINE app (Call Credit only) or purchase minutes on the LINE Web Store.

Call Credit
This payment method allows users to pay for calling time in advance by charging their credit.
1. When purchasing Call Credit inside the LINE app, there is a limit to the calling packages available for purchase.
2. Call Credit purchased through Google Play or the LINE Web Store must be used within 180 days of purchase.
3. Actual service rates and Call Credit may vary according to changes in rules regarding service fees set by Apple Inc.

30-Day Plan
This plan features two options that must be used within thirty days of purchase. Users can choose between a plan that allows calls to landlines only, and one that allows calls to both landlines and mobile devices. The maximum amount of time available for purchase on the release of LINECall will be the 60-minute package.
1. 30-Day Plan packages are only available for purchase on the LINE Web Store.
2. Purchased calling time not used within the 30 day period may not be carried over after the 30 days has ended.
3. Users of the 30 Day Plan can only make calls to the country selected when purchasing the plan.
4. The landline-only package may not be available in some countries and regions.


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