BORACAY 2014 [#2]: Sunset and Nightlife

September 07, 2014

I am trying to publish most of my pending blog articles before the month ends, because I know there would be a lot of things coming up! I am so excited to write about it on the blog! Details soon! :D #planning #travel


Read here our travel to Boracay (post #1)

Seeing the famous beauty of Boracay with my own eyes is priceless. I've heard a lot about its clear blue waters and powdery white sand but it's never the same to experience them first-hand. :D

Arrival at the Hotel
Our hotel, MR Holidays, is located at Station 1. This is one of the cheapest hotels in the area. It's well-furnished though and good enough to serve as sleeping place for a trip to the beach like this.

We got room #1!
The first thing that we did was of course to check out our room. It's actually only a room for two but because we took mom with us at the last minute (I'll splurge more details on that on a later post!), we had to just request for an extra bed.

The room was okay, complete with the basic amenities. Actually I'm happy enough that they have cable (the TV screen was small though) because they have several Korean channels! Yay!

With the comfort of the cool bed and the Korean show on TV, I was already very happy. I can survive staying in this room and not go outside anymore. This remark kind of made my sister annoyed (haha!) so even though I was so tired (I just wanted to sleep!), we left the room to explore the place.

Our First Meal on the Island
Up to this day, me and my sister still remembers this as one of our best meals during this vacation. We were really tired and hungry when we arrived (it was already around 2PM and we haven't had lunch) so we ordered food at Beach Bites, which was just outside our hotel.

Maybe because we were famished already that everything tasted so good (even those vegetables on the side tasted so yummy). I ordered grilled pork (If I remember it right), with peanut butter shake. 
〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Walking By the shore at Sunset
After eating our meal, it was still too hot outside so we waited for sunset to explore the shore.

no filter needed :D

I looove sunsets, and I was very captivated by the lovely scenery by the shore -- white sand, blue clear waters, green coconut trees, and the golden yellow sun. It was paradise indeed! (人´∀`*)

Every photo is postcard-worthy. (*´▽`*)

Dinner Time!
So darkness fell and evening came. We were hungry again so we went on and searched for a nice place to eat dinner. It was my idea to walk from Staion 1 to D'Mall to check out the restaurants there. I didn't know it was far, so we just walked and walked until my sister complained and realized that well, mom was also tired already (sorry mom!). We had to resort searching for the best one nearest to us at that point, and we landed eating at Globy, Traveling Chef Restaurant.

We ordered their phad thai, mixed vegetables (chopsuey I think), some shanghai and sisig.

It was a bountiful meal! We still even brought some of the food back to the hotel because we were full already.

It was actually nice to eat there outdoors while sinking your feet onto the powdery sand. You just had to watch for mosquitoes though. xD

Quick Stop at the Souvenir Shop
Since we were already near D'Mall, we went around to see the shops.

There were lots of interesting items there actually. This is just one shop among those that we visited. We bought some "♥ BORACAY" shirts in one other store.

Returning to the MR Holidays hotel is a bit tricky at night time, especially coming from Station 2. You'd have to ride a tricycle, then be dropped off near a narrow alleyway right beside the Pearl of the Pacific Resort & Spa that will lead you a few steps away from the MR hotel. It was dark already so it was a bit scary to pass that path. Good thing the tricycle driver was kind enough to light our path out with his flashlight. Thank you manong!

It was a tiring day, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sights and the food! :D


Stay tuned for the next post that will talk about our "early mission" on the island, plus food trip (again!) at D'Mall! :D

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