Choosing the Right SmartPhone For You [★]

September 02, 2014

Smartphones nowadays play a huge part in our daily lives. Once a luxury item, phones have become a necessity. Honestly with me, a day doesn't pass without me checking my phone for online updates (I can't even imagine going through that!).

My phone is a Nexus 5 and I am very much satisfied with it. It has been my buddy ever since it landed on my hands. As an Android enthusiast, it was the perfect phone for me. Of course, the choice of phone will vary with different people. The kind of phone will definitely depend on how the person plans to use it.

My sister wanted to upgrade her smartphone so I accompanied her to the SM BF Cyberzone to check out the phones available there.

The Cyberzone at SM BF Paranaque

My sister is actually targetting to buy an LG phone, so we looked around to see what's available there.

There are lots of brands and models to choose from in the market today, and to make things easier for you, trim down your choices based on your answer to the question-

How do you want to use your phone?
(aside from the basic SMS and calls of course)

* Portable entertainment system
You will use your phone mainly for watching videos and playing music, among others. You may want to find a phone that has a micro SD slot for your video and music library, because more often than not, you will consume up the internal memory with all the media files that you need. Also, the screen size should be taken into consideration to maximize your entertainment experience on the go.

* Social Media Gadget
Are you always on-the-know of the latest gossip, trending topics and issues online, and also active in sharing your thoughts, selfies, and #OOTDs? I'd recommend you get a phone that is LTE-enabled so that you can stream and upload the latest updates online! Also you won't need to scramble on the nearest coffee house or mall to connect to a WiFi signal to check what's happening online.

* Portable Camera
It's a huge help that the latest models of phones today are equipped with cameras. This enables spur-of-the-moment photos that will be captured and forever immortalized once uploaded online. I believe that to be a great photographer, you don't need to have the best camera. The specifications of smartphone cameras nowadays are more than enough to cover anyone's photo-shooting needs (number of megapixels won't really matter, unless you need to have a blown-up size of the photo).

The front camera of this phone looks great!

* Gaming Console
I would have included this one under the entertainment section but I realized there are some specific demands if your phone will be used hugely for games. Aside from having a big memory (some games come in large files, ie. >200MB), the phone should have a good processor, with a nice screen resolution to give you to optimal gaming experience.

* Personal Organizer
I think this purpose has the least demand as for the specifications of a phone. There are lots of productivity apps available at the Google Play and Apple store. Having a smartphone is a big help in organizing your schedule, listing down to-do notes, finding your way around through the maps, and tracking your calorie intake among others.

You know what, through my phone, I get to do all of these! amazing! Kinda a negative thing also because I find myself really dependent on my phone.

Having an idea of where you will mostly use your phone for is a huge help in choosing the right one that will suite you.

Good thing there's a Gadget Sale at SM Cyberzone where we can choose from a lot of gadgets depending on our needs!

Go ahead on your nearest Cyberzone branch and get that awesome phone that you've always wanted. :D

Get yours now at the SM Supermalls’ Cyber Month Tech Sale!! #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingForTheTechieInYou

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