On Screen: Dracula Untold [☝]

October 18, 2014

I don't frequently go to the movies. I usually just see those titles that I have been looking forward to for over some time. But recently I am getting to appreciate seeing movies out of curiosity and interest. Dracula Untold is one of those movies.

I am interested with this dark character in general, and I was curious on how his story will be portrayed in this version. I must say I am satisfied. At last, Dracula is able to redeem his image from the teeny mushy creature the Twilight series gave to vampires. Don't get me wrong with that. I (used to) love Twilight, but it's about time vampire's true image is reclaimed in the media, and this movie knocked it off perfectly.

Vampires lust for blood. 
They are violent.
They have no mercy.
They are out to kill.

With all the action-packed sequences and great battle scenes, I still think the plot of Dracula:Untold is a bit lacking, The series of events are somehow predictable already. Though despite these weak points of the movie, I am satisfied on how Dracula's character was projected- as a noble warrior, not as a nightmare monster.


Thanks to colleagues Krishan, Jo,  and her boyfriend Roy for this movie treat! Great thanks also to GMovies app for making our movie-buying experience hassle-free this Friday gimmick night! :D

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