Drama Review: A Girl & Three Sweethearts [★]

March 05, 2017

I just finished watching the last episode of this drama a few hours ago and I am still feeling twitterpated with the conclusion of the story. I must say, this is one of the few dramas (or I think the only one so far?) I watched that seriously gave me such rollercoaster of emotions - from super happy to being devastated in a matter of seconds. It was crazy! I never thought I'd react to a drama this way.

Again, this is one of my Viu drama discoveries (the last one being The Last Cinderella). I watched the first episode and immediately got hooked again with the drama and its characters.

one of the bittersweet scenes in the drama 💗

* spoilers ahead!*

First of all, can I just declare my love and affection for Kanata? He's just soooo handsome! 😍 I immediately fell for him during the early episodes, and was always rooting for him for Misaki. I really love his personality - he appeared to be arrogant, mean and cold-hearted on the outside but in reality he cared for Misaki. Through the episodes, I was really worried that he'll have the "second lead" syndrome (especially when Chiaki did his confession), but I was really happy the events turned out favorable for him. I really got myself falling head over heels for this guy's character in the drama. With all the moments he shared with Misaki, it's no wonder Misaki also fell for him.

I just didn't like how the story went for some of the episodes (well actually only for that one specific episode) because I thought some of the subplots presented were not really relevant to the over-all flow of the story. The writers should have just used that time to show more moments of Kanata and Misaki being a couple. *sigh* Kanata x Misaki is now my #couplegoals. I want to experience in real life the moments that they've shared in the drama - from sunset watching to cycling across Shimanami Kaido to going up the Tokyo Tower. But first, I'll have to search for my Kanata. 😆

Although the drama had a happy ending, I was slightly disappointed on how things were concluded. It was like the writers already ran out of time to brainstorm and just used the most cliche conclusion on any drama - suddenly having a change of heart and went running to the airport to catch his girl before she flies to New York. I mean I've seen that scene a thousand times in dramas. 😅 Oh well.

A Girl & Three Sweethearts Highlights: 

Kanata cooking at the restaurant.
It was always a pleasure watching Kanata cook in their family restaurant's kitchen. He looked so handsome and skillful even if he was just cutting onions. I commend his chef acting, because apparently he doesn't know how to cook in real life. 😦

Kanata in chef's uniform is loooove!!! 💗💗💗

Shibasaki brother interactions.
Can I just say that Kanata's brothers are all good-looking also? Together with Chiaki and Touma, Kanata runs the restaurant, which they have inherited from their father. The three of them live together in one house. That's the setup where Misaki comes in.

The three brothers were really adorable. The drama showed how they respect and love each other. You can also feel how much they value the restaurant and how much respect they have for their dad (who has passed).

Delicious food and pastries! 
Since Kanata is a chef and Misaki is a patissier, there are lots of cooking scenes in the drama. I was especially curious with the burger omelette dish, which was the best-seller in restaurant.

I also liked the sweets that Misaki made in the drama, most especially the first one with the matcha powder! If only I could have a taste of the food featured in that drama. They all looked delicious!

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By the way, this is the actual Instagram account of Misaki that was featured in the drama. It actually exists!

I'm not sure if the drama accurately captured the stories that happens in a kitchen of a restaurant (the planning process of what cuisines to cook for an event) but the drama makes you appreciate the people who work in this field. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication in experimenting and coming up with ideas on what dishes to cook. Also I realized that there should indeed be collaborations with the chef and the patissier so that the dishes and the desserts complement each other. For sure, everytime I'd get served with food at a restaurant, I'll remember people like Kanata and Misaki who work hard to serve their customers good food.

Beautiful sceneries of Japan
I didn't connect that much with Japan (I am more of a South Korea fan) but this drama got me curious on going on a trip to the cities of Japan. There were several places that was featured in the drama and with that, I now have a checklist of places I'd want to visit in Japan: Tokyo Tower and Onomichi among others. If possible, I also want to visited the actual restaurant that was Sea Sons in the drama, and that spot where Kanata took Misaki to watch the sunset.

I really enjoyed watching this drama. It was too short (only 10 episodes) and I wanted more Misaki x Kanata interactions. Thanks again to Viu for being the means of discovering this cute drama! I guess I'll be exploring more the dramas that are available on the app!

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