Running Out of Time [❁]

October 16, 2014

Have you ever had this feeling of helplessness because you have a lot of things going on in your life, and you just never seem to catch up?

THIS. This is exactly what I am feeling now. The past months have become like a roller coaster ride to me. There are a lot of things to complete and accomplish both in my work and personal life, but it seems like I am not finishing anything and the pile of to-do list just continues to grow longer and longer and I feel like I am always in short of time to finish anything.

It has always been like this since I don't know (the start of time? lol). My to-do list never ever goes empty. I know we all have 24 hours per day to accomplish everything that we need to do, and it just kept me wondering how other people can complete their tasks and even accomplish beyond what is needed and demanded?

I just had to pause and catch my breath with all the rush around me. I took a break from work today because I am not just feeling well physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Am I close to breaking down from all the stress? I hope not. I believe I am just not having enough "me time" and that I just needed some sort of break from everything. In this line of thought, I am thinking of a way to motivate myself (yes I do really need that).

Hey universe, I just need to send these out to you, hope you hear my voice and see the frustrations of my heart.

missing the LA sky... 

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  1. hong gondo nomon ng shot mo... sa may disneyland parking yun noh?


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