Miao Cat Cafe: The FIRST Of Its Kind in the PH [❁]

March 09, 2015

Who doesn't like cats??!!

I know, I know. There are people out there who are not into cats, but as a I have become an active Redditor recently (check out their /aww subreddit!), I have found them so much adorable than ever!

I'm actually eyeing a number of cat/dog cafes in my upcoming travel (excited to blog about this preeeeetty soon!) so when I learned there's actually one in Metro Manila, I messaged my cat-loving friend and arranged our trip there!

Miao Cat Cafe is located along Congressional Avenue at the 2nd floor of the Cakes2Go building. When we visited, they still don't have a sign outside. But don't worry, the cat cafe is very easy to spot. You just have to go up the stairs on the left side of the entrance of building.

We were booked in the 2-4PM slot (yes you do reservations in advance) but we arrived at 2:30PM already (sorry, my fault :( ). Before entering the cafe, we were instructed to remove our shoes (there are slippers provided) and disinfect our hands.

We also signed a waiver stating that we have understood the rules posted at their entrance.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the cafe is the design of the place. The place is a bit small but the layout is very appealing (kinda reminds me of Subspace actually).

This is Orange, the cat that we have mostly interacted with.

sleeping buddies

The have these 'cat toys' with feathers and bells to attract the attention
of our feline friends and make them play with you.
Our two-hour stay already included an order of one food and one drink. I got a tomato-based pasta and a caramel macchiato drink!

Miao Cat Cafe just opened last Valentine's so everything is still on experiment stage.

They also have some cat stuff on sale! From keychains to wallets to tumblers, to socks and scarfs, they have it all!

They gave us some cat stuff for our pets. This cat grass are seeds to be planted on a pot. They said if your cat comes near the plant, it means that they are sick. The bottle with green liquid is their experiment organic product which they want to try on cats (or even dogs) to cure allergies on the skin. I haven't actually tried it on our pets (it's impossible to keep them still!).

It was so relaxing being there in the cafe and just playing around with the cats. I wish we could have stayed longer. The owners plan to expand the place so that they could place more of their cats in the cafe. I would like to visit again when that happens!

Ah and also one tip I can give you: choose a time slot that is in the late afternoon (5PM onwards). During our stay, most of the cats are asleep (siesta time!). When we were about to leave, most of them are awake already!

There's Orange sleeping beside me! :D :D :D
Thanks Sam and Loida! We look forward to visiting you (and the cats!) again. :D


Miao Cat Cafe

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