Disneyland: The Happiest Place On Earth [★ ~ CA TRAVEL #8]

December 27, 2015

This is more like a photoblog entry. Brace yourself for an image-heavy post!


After the tour around LA and at Universal Studios Hollywood, our third day was dedicated to Disneyland in Anaheim! Our tour guide for the day picked us up in our hotel at Holiday Inn. There were also other tourists with us in the car; they were Asians too, not sure if they were Japanese or Chinese though.

Our Disneyland tickets! Wohoo!

We left the car in the parking lot. Our tour guide, together with the other tourists in the group rode this train-car up to the entrance of the theme park.

We actually had two choices: to go to Disneyland or to the California Adventure which are located opposite sides of each other. The first one has the original format of Disneyland, which is mainly for kids, plus the character parade in the afternoon. On the other hand, California Adventure has the more intense rides.

Krishan told me he's fine with whatever, so I was the one who made the decision - I chose the original Disneyland! I've never been to Disneyland before so I wanted to see the original theme park.

This is the entrance to the Disneyland park. Not surprised that it's Halloween themed! So cool.

The first character that we were able to bump into was Pluto! We took the chance to take of photo with him, because we knew soon the lines would get longer just to take photos with the Disney characters.

The place was so colorful! There was background music that could be heard all over the place but I cannot remember anymore what was being played (Disney songs I think?). Now I understand why kids would find this place as the happiest one on Earth. Even I, as an adult,  was so happy being there. I felt like I was a child again!

Hi Minnie Mouse!

Winking Mickey behind me. ;)

We went to Starbucks first to grab some drinks. 

Because it's Halloween, there were lots of themed cookies. I didn't try one but they looked yummy!

While looking around, we saw this vending-machine-ish thing in one of the shops. It looked like it's for fortune telling.

She looks kinda creepy.
I think I inserted some coins to try and get my fortune in it. However I cannot remember what was written in the card, and I seem to cannot find it anymore. (ーー;)

We also visited another store with cute displays inside.

Our first ride was this one called Star Tours - The Adventures Continue.

While lining up inside, we meet well-familiar Star Wars characters.

The ride was about going into space. We rode a spaceship and went into an adventure with robots and space warriors in space.

After that ride, we decided to grab some snacks at a nearby food store.

Healthy food!

Coke spaceship!

We then proceeded to Storybook Land. There's was this Alice in Wonderland ride in teacups, but we decided not to ride it anymore.

We rode this boat in Storybook Land wherein we passed by miniatures of the worlds of some Disney characters.
Is this where Pinocchio originated? Hmm but I think the store's name is a bit off.
Captain Hook's ship?

Our next stop: It's a Small World in the FantasyLand section of the park.

This clock was a bit entertaining to watch. There were lots of little toys that come out whenever it's the top of the hour.

I am not sure how often the popping up of characters happens in this clock, coz at 2:15PM we saw the doors open in the clock tower.

Our next stop was Fantasyland Theatre!

Dancing while inside a bubble? Just amazing!
Beautiful Disney Princesses in the show
Squinting, coz I'm being blinded by the sunlight. :p
Our next stop was Mickey's Toontown where we got to meet Mickey Mouse himself!

Mickey's town was kinda cool, it felt like was in the cartoon world myself. 

To meet Mickey, we had to go inside his house, where he was filming.

Mouseway piano? :))
We got to learn more about Mickey when we went inside his house.

Where's Pluto though?

After several minutes of waiting in line inside Mickey's house, we finally got to meet him!

A photo posted by Kathleen R (@katalinarosario) on

It really felt like we were shooting with a superstar. All the build up was effective because I got starstuck when I finally met Mickey, which was kinda weird actually. The staff that was there were all treating him like a superstar and we were his fans. Haha.

After meeting Mickey, Krishan and I just went around and checked out the stores and other things to see in the area.


After a while, we came upon this store that sells all kinds of Frozen items!

Almost all little girls in the world love Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and the rest of the gang in Frozen! My niece is one of them, and as soon as I saw that store I knew I needed to buy something for her.

I decided to get her the Elsa doll, because I thought most girls love Elsa, right?

After buying from the store, we went walking some more.

Most of the time I was just enjoying capturing photos with my camera because everything was so photo-worthy!

Here I am in action!
This is the result!
There are lots of things to see in the theme park, thus lots of subjects for your photos.

Child at heart.
It could be to capture a moment...

... to capture that great design...

Hey there duckie!
.. or just capture a wild sighting.

After some walking, we came onto Cinderella's Palace!

Looking at this statue of Mr. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands gives me such warm feelings. I hope Mr. Disney's vision for his creations has been fulfilled by what the animation company has achieved today.

We went for a quick break and ate a snack at The Golden Horseshoe restaurant.

I love rootbeer float so I was indulged to buy some there. :D

I randomly snapped this photo inside the restaurant, and I just liked how the children's smiles were captured in it. Mom looks not amused though. xD

Our next stop was Haunted Mansion Holiday! OMG this was my most favorite part of my Disneyland experience!

I love Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie so upon seeing this mansion, I knew I had to go in there no matter what!

And yes, we had to endure the long lines before the entrance of the mansion. But I swear, it was worth it!!!

Tombstone of pets? Creepy.
Since cameras were not allowed inside, I was not able to take any footage of the ride that happened in the mansion. It was the best experience I've had in Disneyland! The whole place smelled like pumpkin spice and I super duper loved it! There was a ride inside the mansion which was egg-shaped (and the half part  is open) and it was a one-seater, linked together moving around the mansion. The egg-shaped seats would rotate as it moved around the mansion allowing the person to view the different sights inside. My favorite part was the hall with all the ghosts dancing. The effects were 'Harry Potter'-like. The ghosts looked translucent and were just floating and dancing around. I also liked the cemetery part.

After the Haunted Mansion, we just walked around some more and saw other attractions, but we did not go inside anymore. The time for the Disney character parade was drawing near so we already took our positions along the road where it would pass by.

I people-watched for the next couple of minutes while waiting for the parade to start. It was amazing how kids and adult alike were in full costume for the occasion. I heard Mickey was holding a costume contest for that night. Maybe that's why.

The Frozen cast float was the first one to go pass by for the parade. But it was just the prelude.

A few minutes after, we heard drums rolling. The parade has officially started!

I loved how everyone was just all smiles. :D

First character on the parade line was Minnie Mouse, with Mickey playing the drums!

Next was Pluto! Was he the same one we took photos with earlier? :D

Goofy in the house!

Is this Chip, or is this Dale?

Whoa. That was amazing right, Disney characters waving and dancing in front of me felt like a dream. :D

After the parade, we felt hungry again (LOL), and so we grabbed some corndogs.

We then just went around the park and snapped more photos!

We also hopped on the Disney Railroad to go back to the park entrance faster. We met up with our tour guide a couple of minutes later to go back to our hotel again.

That was a fun day! I was so at awe with all the wonderful things that we saw in Disneyland. No wonder, this is like the dreamland of kids out there. Even as an adult (haha I feel old), I was able to appreciate the park and the rides!

(Thanks to the kind stranger for snapping this photo :D)

Krishan and I had a really great time! Yay!


If you want to see some more photos from this Disneyland trip, here still are some on Flickr. :)

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