Office Days & Food Trip [★ ~ CA TRAVEL #5]

December 12, 2015

[October 2014]

The main reason for travelling to the USA was to visit our main office at San Mateo and to meet the people we usually work via email and conference calls (*ehem*building good working relationships *ehem*). From Monday to Friday, we went to the office and 'met and greeted' the people there. Finally, there's a face to match the names and the voices! :D

Looking at these leaves in our office reminds me of the Fall season,
although there's no snow in that part of the country.
I will talk mostly about our activities outside the office in the blog. Actually we only did one thing after office - EATING!!!

content alert: lots of food porn shots below

As a good blogger, I wanted to properly document each of the dishes that I took pictures of (complete with the restaurant name) but alas, I was too preoccupied with all the new sensations I'm experiencing so bear with me and just enjoy the sights of good food here. :D 

The Cheesecake Factory

Outback Steakhouse

I actually liked this Chicken Tortilla soup. :)

This is my order at Outback. Almost all of my teammates were crazy about their steak. I don't know if maybe I just had high expectations on it because of the feedback from my teammates, but mine was like meh, just an ordinary piece of steak. Or maybe I am just not a big steak fan.

words of wisdom for foodies xD

El Torito

Bar at Crowne Plaza

This is in the bar just on the first floor of our hotel. We went down there one night just to have some drinks. This is also where we met with one of the people we mostly work with Sales. It was my first time to be in a bar in another country and it was an awesome experience.

Food Trucks at Downtown San Mateo

We also went on a food trip on food trucks. I only saw these on movies (I think) and so it was amazing to experience this first-hand.

the bacon food truck

I love curry so I ordered from this food truck that sells Indian foods. I cannot remember the name of this one that I got, but it was really good. 

the other food trucks

Mimi's Cafe

all of Mimi's goodness

The Melt

The lady in the counter at The Melt was a Filipino! :D

I cannot remember anymore where this was, but I knew I was with people from the office. It was during lunch, and we went here to eat.

I was kind of amused that there were doves hovering around the tables, waiting for the leftovers. LOL.

We also had a night of drinking session at the hotel. I had the chance to go with a colleague to buy us some drinks, and we stopped by a store where they sold alcoholic drinks only. Mind you, they really check the IDs of their buyers if they are of legal age.

some of our drinks that night

Trader Joe's

I also had the chance to drop by one of Trader Joe's outlets. It's like S&R in the Philippines (minus the membership part) because everything there was awesome! Almost all the goodies I got for people at home came from this store.

These are just some of the restaurants and stores that I was able to visit during the five days of our official business trip to California. Those five days passed by so quickly because I was having so much fun!


My next posts about this California trip will now be about the extra fun I had in Los Angeles (Universal Studios and Disneyland!!!). Together with Krishan, my colleague, we stayed a few days longer to tour around the area outside San Mateo. It was a life-changing experience indeed.

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