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December 19, 2016

There are lots of shopping sites out there, and our goal as consumers is to find the best one out there - a site that not just gives you convenience in shopping, but also gives you back the best value of your money.

What if I tell you that there’s a shopping site just like that - aside from giving you what you need, it even rewards you for buying stuff online!

Featuring Shopback!

Okay, so what is Shopback?

Shopback is an online shopping platform which connects you to popular shopping sites and pays you back for a completed purchase! Basically you go to the Shopback site,  find deals from your favorite sites, purchase items (like what you’d normally do). Once purchase has been completed, you get some cash back!

Shopback in a nutshell

For more information, head over here.
Pretty cool right, you get paid back for what you shop!

The mechanism is that Shopback gets commissions from their partner shopping sites, and they share those commissions to you!

This Shopback site is awesoooome! So how do I get started?

When you go to the website, it will look like this:

Shopback home page
But don’t get distracted with all those sales just yet! Create your login account first. It is important to have an account so that the purchases you create when you click shopping sites from the site will be credited to your account. Once signed up, you are good to go!

Links to different shopping sites are available on the homepage. The cashbacks for each store indicate how much of the total amount you pay for a completed transaction will be given back to you. Cashback percentages vary from site to site. Shopback offers up to 12% cashback on your purchases! 

When you click to one shopping site, you will be redirected to this page:

Want a new phone for Christmas? Buy at Cherry Mobile @ Shopback and get up to 4% cashback

 Expected number of days the cashback will be reflected to your account after completion of purchase. For this case, if within 15 days the cashback still did not get credited on the account, you may file it as a missing cashback.

Days before you can have your cashback cashed out from your account. This varies from merchant to merchant.<

When you click the Start Shopping Now button, you will see a page like below, which will then be redirected to the shopping site’s homepage. That’s where you will do the actual purchase.

Zalora @ Shopback

You are now outside the Shopback site, but don’t worry, you are on the right track! Just continue shopping like how you’d normally do. 

So how will Shopback track my transaction from here? 

You have been redirected to the homepage of your chosen online site, but if you look closer, notice that there are extra stuff on the URL of the page:

Those extra stuff on the URL are what’s being used by the affiliated sites to track that you have been redirected to their site via Shopback. Just remember to stay on the same window until transaction is completed so that the merchant store can properly tag that your purchase was referred by Shopback. Once transaction has been completed, the credits will be reflected to your Shopback account.

Sounds pretty neat, right?If you have further questions, they have a FAQ page on their site which is filled with lots of relevant information! If you still cannot find what you are looking for there, contact their Customer Service.

Let’s speak from experience, shall we?

Of course I can’t review a site without using it myself.

So great timing that it is, I discovered this site while I was planning an out-of-town trip next year. I booked our accommodation on one of their merchant stores - After a day of completing my transaction, I saw on my Shopback account that I already have some cashback credits!

Aside from the savings I got from those offered from, I still had extra savings because I did the purchase via Shopback! (If only I have known of this site earlier this year, I could have used this to book our accommodation in my recent travel to Seoul. Well I know where to go from now on!

Want more tips on how to earn more via Shopback?

Shopback gives you more bonus on top of the perks you get for shopping online!

  • They currently have a Christmas sale! Click here to find out more! 
  • Shop using your Visa card, and get 8% cashback on top of the regular cashback! This promo is only up to December 31, 2016.
  • Earn an instant P100 when you complete your profile details.
  • Refer 5 of your friends to the site, and instantly earn P1,500! For more information, click here.
  • Get the ShopBack Cashback Button browser plugin to get updated on their latest discounts and promos! This is available on Google Chrome and Safari only.
  • Get their mobile app! It’s available on Google Play Store and iTunes.
So if you are into shopping, then Shopback would make you feel less guilty on splurging on stuff, because you actually get extra savings for the purchases you make via their site!

You don’t have to worry because Shopback is safe. It is a legal business registered in the US and Singapore. Finally it has come to be available to the Philippines as well!

This shopping buddy will be waiting for you there!

Shopback PH
Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Also available at:
Google Play | iTunes

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