Make Bigger Moves This 2022 With Modess

March 14, 2022

March 2022 – When everyone in the world closed their doors due to the pandemic two years ago, arguably the group who best adapted to the situation were the Gen Zs. Even when stuck at home, they found ways to be #GenFree, discovering new means to hang out and stay connected, new trends and challenges to take on, and even new ways to chase after their dreams. 

Now that the world is slowly opening again, there is no doubt that the #GenFree will start making bigger moves towards their passions and dreams. They will be out and about in no time at all, doing the things they love most – for themselves, their loved ones, and even their community. To help them conquer the new normal without worry or discomfort, they need to level up their pad for when red days strike. 

“We know the #GenFree needs superior protection and comfort during their challenging red days,” said senior brand manager for Modess Philippines, Jason Khu. “Using Modess can help them be more confident knowing that it is the fastest absorbing pad, so they can be sure that they won’t experience any leaks as they go back out into the world, or even as they choose to stay at home with their new pandemic hobbies.”

With Modess, the Gen Z can continue to be #GenFree, especially when they have their period. It is the fastest absorbing pad versus other leading brands, and it now comes with a non- irritating hypoallergenic cover to keep them feeling comfortable all throughout the day.

“We want to empower the #GenFree to keep on moving forward in spite of the pandemic, especially when it comes to their passions or dreams. With Modess, there is no stopping them from getting better at their craft. They can even enthusiastically explore new possibilities without sacrificing protection and comfort.” 

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