Book Reads: Bad Bachelor (Stefanie London)

February 09, 2020

I initially thought of not blogging about this but then I asked myself -- why the hell should I be embarrassed that I read books of this genre? For crying out loud, I read Fifty Shades of Grey months before it even became the craze that it was (my sister bought all 3 books). Well I have to say this book is quite different from the usual genre that I delve into. It all started with this marketing email that I received from the Humble Bundle website. I thought - why not, I would love to explore new material over the holidays. And so that's exactly what I did.

Bad Bachelor is about this guy named Reed McMahon, who is the lowest ranking bachelor in this app called Bad Bachelor (also 😆). In this app, ladies rank the men they've dated (just like how you would rate your Uber driver 😝). Darcy Greer, the lady protagonist of the story, meets this man through work, and although she is aware that this man has the worst reviews on Bad Bachelor, she risks it. During the process, she discovers the truth behind the man dubbed as the "worst bachelor" and learns to never always believe what you see on the internet.

Overall, it was an easy read. I think I finished it after two weeks of light reading. The plot was simple, and there's not much character development. There were subplots that I thought were not really necessary and not all conflict were resolved. Well if you're in for some steamy sex scenes, this book did deliver that. I liked the build up of the tension between them but the process on how they came to like each other was not really satisfying. Since this is just one book and not a series, not much details could be placed into the story, I guess.

Well I'll have to say I was entertained (even by a tiny bit) by this book. But I guess I'll shelve reading all the other books that came with my Humble Bundle purchase, and just stick with reading Gaiman short stories and self-help books for now. 😅

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