Life Logs: That Much-Needed Break

November 08, 2020

I started November with a week-long vacation (that ends today!). Originally I just wanted to maximize my remaining PTOs this year, but later I realized that I do need that break. The recent weeks felt gloomy and repetitive, that's why a few weeks prior to my planned date, I already filed for my vacation leave. When a colleague learned that I had an upcoming nine-day vacation, he asked if I was going out-of-town. Nope, I was not, but the journey that I have planned was more intimate and exciting compared to going out and exploring the physical world (in my terms that is). 

Went back and finished my Coursera courses.
I'm enrolled to a number of courses, and I figured this is the right time to resume learning them. I am proud to say that I have finally finished the Buddhism and Modern Psychology course wherein I learned more about the Buddha teachings and how it related with the scientific field of Psychology. I have to admit there are still concepts that I didn't absorb well (the notion of "non-self"), and I am still learning.

Started doing inner work.
I've come across this wonderful website and I was delighted to discover that the values that the authors there uphold resonate well with mine. I'm in progress with doing a number of those exercises described in the site and I am delighted to say that I'm finding their methods in the spiritual awakening process very helpful especially in doing introspection with my thoughts and feelings.

Reorganized my "space".
This involved both my virtual and physical spaces. For the former, I have began using this app in listing down my work and personal tasks, and so far I am loving it. There are desktop and mobile versions of it and so I really found it very accessible especially in updating the list-on-the-go. For the latter, I have rearranged my room to the layout that I have been envisioning for weeks. I realized that I wanted a more open space and so I rearranged the bed and the furniture (following some feng shui tips along the way) and instantly I felt the energy inside the room and inside me change. The new layout was beneficial not just for me but for other members of the family (my room has now been the default playroom of my nieces 😂). I thought I already like my room. But now I realized there's always room for improvement (pun intended!). What I liked best in this new layout is that my work office area was moved to one corner (previously the desk was in the middle of the room). Now I can see literally that there's a boundary between my work and personal areas, and I think this new arrangement will help me set my mind to compartmentalize work stuff with personal stuff.

I just wanted to add - one takeaway I got from the experience of using the Clickup app is that what doesn't work for someone might work for you. When I checked the reviews of their mobile app, the comments were more negatively inclined because they said the mobile version was not at par with how good the desktop app was. Well based on my experience so far, I'm finding the features of the mobile app as great as that of the desktop app. So that's one lesson learned from that experience -- that my needs would always be different from others. The reviews for sure did help in informing me, but it's always a different take when actually experiencing something first-hand.

Have started baking!
Well I noticed that our oldie oven toaster exists and so I tried baking some cookies, of which the results still needed some improvements 😅.

Returned to the craft of video-editing.
I have always loved editing videos (hours quickly pass by when I do this, maybe because this is one of my ikigai). I have edited one for my friends, and I hope I was able to deliver the content that matched with their expectations.

Aside from these I took down several more notes on my bullet journal and I have to say that journaling really does wonders in the inner work that I am doing. Writing is really therapeutic.

It's Monday again tomorrow, and it's another work week ahead. I just wanted to have a moment to thank the Universe for letting me experience those quiet moments in the past few days. I hope to bring this new mindset forward as I continue this life journey. I'm going to drink a few soju shots for this (I bought some bottles in my most recent grocery run). Thank you Universe. Cheers to life. 🍶

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