Folklore Long Pond Session: Getting Deeper into the Forest

December 29, 2020

With all the things that happened in 2020, the existence of the folkore album was one of the things that we could celebrate. And if Swifties thought that's the end of it, Taylor released a documentary film (exclusive on Disney+) featuring live recording sessions of the folklore album by the three of its main collaborators: Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, and Aaron Dessner (of The National). This was the first time they've been together in the same room ever (well because of the pandemic, they had to collaborate remotely), and it felt like it was just apt that they performed the album as a whole now that they're together.

The film is in documentary style format and I super loved all the in-between-songs dialogues by the three, giving us more details about each of the songs and what they mean for them. I feel like this is the kind of vibe a Taylor Swift secret session would have. I was able to appreciate more the songs after hearing their commentaries for each one. And yes, I shed tears during the session, because Taylor's narrative about one song unexpectedly pulled some sensitive strings in me (wanna know what song that was? read below! 😁), and that song has become one of my favorites now in the album.

Here are some of the highlights for me in the film:

  • The reveal that William Bowery is actually the pseudonym for Tay's beau, Joe. I got spoiled with this info on Twitter prior to seeing the movie, but it hit me differently upon actually hearing Taylor talk about it in the film. I think this is the first time she openly talked about her SO, dropping his name and all.
  • The heart-wrenching performance of My Tears Ricochet. That performance is so full of emotion. Taylor's voice is already filled will all the angst, but given with the visuals of her face while singing the song, the impact of the feelings became so much stronger as her eyes mirrored the fire in her soul. 🔥 Especially after hearing her commentary for this song, you'd really feel where all that passion was coming from. 😔
  • Jack's passionate guitar playing, and Taylor's squeal on August. Jack revealed in a tweet that he likes playing this track, and we literally see the evidence of it in the long pond session. The two are the writers and producers of the song, and so it's no surprise that this song is close to their hearts. And yes, Taylor's squeal upon trying to reach a high note in the song is the cutest thing ever! 💓
  • The context of the lyrics of This is Me Trying moved me to sobbing ugly tears. I would never be able to recognize that those were the messages that Taylor was trying to convey through the song. She was really a wordsmith because she perfectly described where I'm currently at in life. She was able to perfectly narrate the struggles that I am facing, and through that, I was able to validate my feelings. Now I guess I'm in a better position than before because I can see now where all these frustrations are coming from. That's one step towards my resolution. 😊
After watching the documentary, I felt like I underwent a therapy session. I felt light and wonderful and happy. Her songs in the folklore album sure are places we find comfort during this time of pandemic. It was such a treat to hear each song acoustically, each of them sounding even way better than the original. It felt like magic ✨ (maybe it's because all of the artists were enjoying themselves playing them). 

I really enjoyed this. This is a must-watch for all the folklore lovers out there. 💓

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