Movie Review: Chemical Hearts

July 06, 2024


I remembered today that I had a Prime Video subscription that was still ongoing, and so I went and unsubscribed my account. Unfortunately, I found out that the renewal date was just yesterday so I got charged again for a month's worth of subscription. Oh well, I might as well check out some of the titles that are available in that streaming platform, and this was where I saw Chemical Hearts.

I guess it's your typical teenage love movie (spoiler: it didn't end in a fairytale way), but it's a kind of a transition point in a young person's life wherein innocence is lost because of experiencing heartbreak for the first time. Being in love for the first time feels like you're in a high, and having your heart broken feels like the lowest of low. Oh well, who am I kidding. I have not experienced these extreme human emotions myself, maybe this is why I'm still in a headspace of being a young adult. Someone who is still figuring out her worth and exploring the world with such rich innocence and outlook as a person with an untainted soul.

I have some realizations from this film though. I understood that if someone is interested, they will show you. There's no mind games, only the truth. I have been there myself, and looking back, I would say it was one of the bravest things I did for myself. As soon as I knew for myself that I did like this guy, I made an effort to know more about him. I "researched" about the things that he liked and to my pleasant surprise, I found out that we had a lot in common. I tested the waters, but things went flat. The feelings were meh and I realized I wasn't really into him, and it was the same for him. And so I gradually pulled away. But, moving on from that experience was not easy. I realized that because of him, I love some specific Taylor Swift songs more now than others. I still laughed at some inside jokes only the two of us understood. The "moving on" phase was slow and gradual, but it was a sure journey. I guess these memories resurfaced out of my mind upon watching Grace, the main character's love interest in this film. It's a much worse situation for her (boyfriend died due to an accident), but I feel like it's still the same healing journey. And towards the end of the movie, I can see that her journey has progressed, and she's on her way towards being a stronger version of herself.

I would say the same for our lead guy, Henry. His hobby of Kintsugi was particularly intriguing, and so I researched more about it. It's such a nice metaphor of how our scars can make us stronger and more intricate souls, and that there's no point in hiding them or pretending that we are okay. In this Japanese art, I learned that those gold-highlighted scars make the item more unique and special.

It was a fun watch, perfect for a slow afternoon of a weekend. 😊

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