View From 30 Floors Above [✏]

November 01, 2012

I am currently deployed and based on one of our clients and I do my programming work there throughout the week. Though being on one of the high-rise floors of the building can become a problem (especially during earthquakes and fire, wherein I have to go down through 30 floors by stairs) I find it fortunate that I have a great view of the Manila Bay from my working area. I can see the long stretch of Manila Bay together with familiar structures from a distance like the Mall of Asia Arena, Star City, Cultural Center of the Philippines, and Sofitel.

The splendid view from my window

I see everyday the formation of the clouds and the difference of the neighborhood when the weather becomes sunny and stormy.

Manila Bay during a storm

Rain clouds gathering above the area.

Heavy rain started to pour down a few minutes later.

Rain clouds from a distance
You can see the section where it's not raining yet and the part where it is already coming down.

A gorgeous rainbow formed after the storm

Little lumps of clouds lined up across the sky

The best part of all of this is the breathtaking sunset that can be seen everyday. Manila Bay has one of the most dramatic sunset views in the country, and I can prove this true because I've seen the most majestic ones in my life on this bay. 

Surely I'll continue to cherish every view and sunset that I will see from my desk in the future. It's such a great reliever of stress from work and it serves as a source of inspiration as each day ends. ^_^ 


I applied no filters on all images herein (except the first one). :)

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