New Work, New Life [❁]

July 20, 2013

I've recently mentioned on the blog that I'm transferring to a new workplace and that before that, I had my (well-deserved!) one-week vacation. This week, I already started on my new one and I must say things went more interesting than I imagined it to be.

There's a lot to say about my new "place of labor".  Comparisons with my previous one are inevitable for me, so I just had them listed down here.

Reporting Time to Work
I think this is the primary difference of my new work from my previous one. Let's just say that my new schedule makes me feel like I've been brought back to my elementary and highschool days. xD I have to wake up extra early from now on when going to work. 

There are advantages with this kind of schedule actually. I go early to work so I get to return to home early too. Also, I get to avoid the rush hour so there's less traffic when I'm on the road.

Of course, there are downsides too. I'm a night owl at heart so it is really frustrating for me to feel SO sleepy at as early as 5PM. My eyes are already feeling heavy and my brain feels overused and exhausted. -___- Also, I can't meet with friends after work anymore because by the time I get off from work, they are just having their snack break at their offices. xD

Large Population
I think the population size of my previous workplace is just 10% of the whole population of the company on this new one. LOL. Before, it was a small company and I practically know all of the people at the office, even the custodians. With this new one, it's only my teammates, my immediate supervisors, and a few from the HR who are familiar faces. It was kind of intimidating at first because here I am, a newbie, in a sea of unfamiliar faces. But then I realized no one seems to notice this new face that has popped into their midst so I just went on to do my business.

Also, the age range of my new officemates are really noticeable. The developers back then were a very young group. Most of them are fresh grads. With this new one, I can tell that each of them are on a mature age already. Maybe this is the reason why I don't get to hear lots of chit chats on the office. They are really focused on their work. Actually the office is as quiet as a library during work hours, not that I'm complaining, because this helps a lot in focusing on my task. It's just that I am not used to this kind of professional atmosphere. xD

Office Culture
I am still on the process of adapting to the new workplace. The first noticeable thing with them is that they don't use honorifics like "ma'am" or "sir" when addressing each other. They just call each other by first names. I am so not used with doing that, so I am having a hard time adapting to their ways. I'm slowly trying to get the hang of it, though sometimes my mouth just automatically mumbles it when I call to my superiors. 

Meal Time Patterns
Because of my new work schedule, I have to also adjust my meal times. My lunch time is just breakfast time for others. xD My new office has an enormous pantry, filled with lots of food and drinks. For this week, I had to eat alone every lunch because (I think) it is discouraged to eat in groups here. Also, my teammates eat their meals on their desks, maybe because they don't have much time to spend for breaks because of their tasks. Since I'm still on training, I don't have that much load yet so I get ample time to have breaks. Honestly, I am not used to this routine and I must say that I am culture shocked. 

Environmentally Friendly Place
I think this is one of the most eco-friendly place that I've been in my life. In addition to that, everything is so organized and clean. They strictly practice trash segregation. They even have plastic cups on the restroom that I get to use when brushing my teeth. The office also has plenty of sanitary supplies. Germophobics and obsessive-compulsive people will definitely love this place.

My first week was a great experience. I hardly noticed that five days have already gone by. I must say that I am just so glad to be part of this workplace. This is one great leap for my career and I am glad I took the risk of trying out in this place.

I know that I would be learning a lot on my stay here. I'll do my best to do my job and be successful on my career endeavors. I'm on to a fresh new start! :D


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