The Voice of the Philippines: Blind Auditions [★]

July 09, 2013

I have been looking forward to watching this new talent show on local tv, not just because I loved The Voice US but also because the most awesome judges would be appearing on this show.

The Voice of the Philippines judges

I adore Lea so much. Her role as a judge is the main reason why I wanted to religiously tune in to the show. I am curious on how she would select singers and which voices would suit her taste.

The show started airing on Philippine free TV on June 15, 2013. The show, as expected, has garnered high interest among audiences as certified by the hashtags about the show that trended on Twitter.

Unfortunately, I was not able to catch all of the episodes when it aired so I am just catching up on for all the episodes that I have missed. :)

As the show goes on, more talented singers are coming into light. It was the most brilliant idea to create a singing competition with such a unique format, that is all about the voice - no discrimination of what your appearance, age, race, and even sexual preference. 

Also, it helped a lot that Ms. Lea Salonga herself is participating in the show as a judge. Because of the fair nature of the show and the prestigious set of judges, many aspiring singers have taken the courage to join in a national tv singing contest. The show catered a lot of first-timers with fresh talents to show. 

I am really enjoying the Blind Auditions right now, and I believe things would become more exciting when The Battles begins on the show. :)

Good luck to all the aspiring contestants! :D


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  1. I don't know these people, but the show looks AWESOME and interesting! I love shows like this! <3

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    1. Hi June! Your site looks awesome! I like Korean cosmetic products too. And yes, I will gladly add you up! :D


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