Project Pie: Build-Your-Own Pizza [★]

November 09, 2014

I was always hearing about this pizza place that's new in town. There's a constant (positive) hum about it. Last Friday, a friend asked us to meetup there, so finally I was able to discover what the buzz was all about!

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They have this pamphlet where all the available topping selections were written. Me and my friends got us each of these and started underlining the toppings that we want on our pizza. One lady who just entered the resto approached us and asked if it's required to fill-out the pamphlets. Hahaha! It was so funny because we looked at ourselves and realized that all of us were holding up pens and writing on the paper. We told her no it's not, we just wanted to make our choices among the toppings before going to the counter. (*´艸`*)

my toppings selections!

Tadahh! So this is how my pizza turned out.

I liked how mine tasted all cheezy (mozzarella and parmesan) plus the flavors of the herbs (basil and pesto).

My friends' creations. Theirs were more flavorful than mine. Hehe.

For the price of Php285? Not that bad, especially if you love that freedom of getting your pizza just the way you like it. The next time I visit Project Pie, I would want to try the option of getting ALL the toppings (it's still the same price anyway).

If you love pizza and want to try something different, then visit Project Pie today. :D

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2 (mga) komento

  1. Did you see their crust maker that flattens the dough? I was a bit surprised when I first saw it. Such a big machine for a specific task! Haha!

    1. Really? I was not able to see that because I did not go to the counter. Only my friends did. I was left behind at our table to save the seats. :/


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