An Acoustic Night with Jason Mraz and Raining Jane [★]

November 30, 2014

My usual concert choices are of those artists with songs that I know I wlll surely dance with when I hear them performed on stage live. I think this is the first act that I have attended wherein the crowd are just chillin and sincerely enjoying the music of the artist on stage.

This is the fourth time Jason Mraz came to the Philippines to perform. This is the first time I am seeing him live on stage.

This time, he came with Raining Jane, an all-ladies band, whom Jason refers as his best friends.

The show actually started on time. From past experiences, western acts usually start late, at least 30 minutes past the announced time. So I was actually surprised when the lights went out few minutes past 8, and Raining Jane already went on stage.

Raining Jane sang a few of their songs (which were very nice and relaxing to listen to) before Jason joined them on stage.

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These ladies are so good! They play their own instruments and they have wonderful blending voices.

Jason sang a lot of his old songs, and also those from his latest album 'Yes!'. The concert was an intimate encounter with Jason. He talked a lot, and he sure had us in with his quirky sense of humor. He mentioned supporting our local farmers and the problem of climate change (the adorable penguins in one of the videos!). The energy of him and all of Raining Jane was so happy and positive. It is evident that all of them are really enjoying being on stage and performing with each other.

"My dream of joining a girl group has come true." - Jason
Jason shows this photo of an iceberg that he took himself.
Jason talks about how music uplifts his soul.

My most favorite part of the concert that really moved me was during "I Wont Give Up", wherein the crowd one by one  lighted up their phones and held them up in the air. The sea of lights looked like stars. It was a magical moment.

I think Jason felt the same, because he tweeted a photo that captured the sea of stars. :D

 Thank you Jason for returning to Manila and for sharing your wonderful music. Thank you for introducing Raining Jane to me (I'm a fan now!) 'Til the next time we see you again. Kitakits! :D

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