Classical Piano: Minuet [♬ ~ #16]

November 30, 2014

I just looked at the last post I made for this goal, and it was way way back January this year. Wow. What have I been doing all this time? 0___0

Luckily, I am actually making much progress in terms of honing my piano skills. I am currently doing piano-at-home classes with a church pianist in the neighborhood! Yay! I am being formally taught how to play the piano, and my main focus at the moment is sight-reading of notes. It is improving somehow, and I am very happy with it.

Along with the start of my "formal piano training", I have also discovered (finally!) a community that I can use as a support system in achieving my goal of doing good on the piano. And that's the piano subreddit in (where else??) REDDIT!

They have this monthly Piano Jams and for the month of November, I am participating!

This is the piece that I have submitted, Minuet, which is something that will be familiar for those who had those jurassic Nokia phones before (this is one of the available ringtones in it!)

I have studied this for a month and I am quite proud of my output. Though I must confess that this is an edited version (I deleted the parts where I effed up, while re-recorded some parts). I still need to practice the piece, and I am doing that even beyond the month of November.

So there you go! I am planning to participate again next month. Hopefully they put up an interesting piece again next! :D

EDIT: The Piano Jam #26 for November has concluded!

Thanks for the redditors who upvoted my post and who commented on my performance. I haven't thought of actually applying dynamics on my playing so thanks for that suggestion! I would surely be joining in again for Piano Jam in December! :D

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