Boracay 2014 [#3]: Dawn By the Beach

January 19, 2015

Read here our travel and first day on the island!


Breaking dawn is one of the most relaxing time of the day, do you agree?

Even beforehand, we already had plans of waking up early to watch the sunrise by the beach. By next morning, my sister had to nudge me a couple of times before I finally woke up because I was so comfortable in the soft bed. Grudgingly, I dressed up and went outside with sis and mom.

Boracay at dawn. Pure zen.
There were just a handful of people up already (mostly jogging).

infinite sky 

photographers in action! :p

Mom really enjoyed picking up shells along the shoreline. xD

Willy's Rock
There was a lady near Willy's Rock that was selling handcrafted bracelets.

She sells those bracelets she's holding for Php10 each.
We bought some pieces from her as pasalubong. When the sun was finally up, we walked back to our hotel for our breakfast.

Our view while eating breakfast. This is paradise!
our complimentary breakfast from the hotel
This is basically how we spent our morning in Boracay. We just leisurely strolled by the shore and enjoyed the view by the beach.

We spent the afternoon at D'Mall. I'll talk about that on my next post. Stay tuned!

Here's post #4 of our Boracay vacation!

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