Boracay 2014 [#4]: Lunch at D'Mall

January 19, 2015

Here's post #1, #2, and #3 of our travel to Boracay!


Before the sun fully rose up, we had a quick swim. All of us three don't know how to swim so basically we just lied there at the shallow part of the bay and allowed the waves to massage our back. xD

my view
local kids building sand sculptures

In those minutes of calmness while absorbing the beauty of Boracay paradise, I sincerely thanked them. It is (partly) because of them that this trip was possible. HAHAHA. Explanations in later post.
The sun was already near the zenith of our sky when we decided to walk to go to D'Mall to grab some lunch.

quick photo on our way to d'mall.. that's my mom at the distance haha

Boracay at noon
We rode a tricycle to D'Mall and it's exactly lunch time when we arrived there.

There are lots of food stores here, that's why this is the perfect place to do food tripping after hitting the beach.

lots of souvenir shops too! 

hungry smiles haha
We ate at Big Mouth. This resto is a lot cheaper than the other ones so it's the best deal for us.

We craved for some desserts, and we landed at Fruits in Icecream Summer Cafe.

They have green tea flavor! OMG.
Their menu is a bit pricey, I must say. But since we didn't bother to find a better desserts place, we stayed here.

Of course, I got my favorite flavor, green tea!
Along our way back to the hotel, we passed by the famous Jonah's Fruitshake.

Jonah's Fruitshake menu

our drinks!

It was still sunny when we went back to the hotel. We didn't want to swim with the hot sunlight to burn our skins so we waited until afternoon before we went out again. But we cannot help but notice a lot of foreigners sunbathing during these hot hours. I cannot even imagine the feeling of doing that! But I think that's their main goal anyway - to tone their skin to a darker shade and make their skin have that warm beach glow.

Next post: walking along the shore at sunset + dinner by the bay!

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