The 1975 Live in Manila! [★]

January 25, 2015

OMG where do I begin with this awesome and epic concert?

For months I have been looking forward to this concert (I am one of those early birds!). This band owned me in various reasons, and I am not complaining. :p I've been hearing the name of this band even before but I didn't know that this band actually plays such awesome music! I fell in love the instant I listened to their songs so when I learned that they are actually coming to the country for a concert, I went my way and bought a ticket!

Manila's setlist

You really see the kind of audience the artist has when you go to their concerts. For The 1975, it's mostly teens with a "unique" way of dressing up (if you know what i mean hehe). I felt old being within that crowd. Hahaha. MTV was there and they were filming those people that were lining up outside the arena. They even interviewed those two girls behind me.

There's this guy who was exactly in this get up, and he was in front of me in line.

I couldn't help but chuckle. These kids really adapt to the image of the people they look up to. xD

When I went up to my section (upper box), the MOA Arena staff instead of leading me to the appropriate entrance for my ticket, she guided me to line up first by the entrance. Little did I know that our seats were actually going to be upgraded! 

We were led to the second floor to the lower box section. OMG! A few minutes before the show started, I saw those who were seated at the Gen Ad all went down. Apparently they were all being invited to go down to fill the seats on the lower sections. Lots of people occupied even the aisles. I was sitting near the aisle at the top row in our section. But when the show started, I also went down and join them. Hahaha.

There was no front act, just this guy who was doing dj remixes on stage.

When The City started playing, wala na, tayuan na to!! (all the people stood up). It was one of my favorite songs so it was a great start!

OMG the crowd. This is one of those selected concerts that I have been to wherein people are so eager to see the artist on stage. I love their energy!

I was surprised that it's actually Sex that's most popular to the crowd. My personal favorite is Chocolate though.

This is the first time that I didn't have a decent video of a performance of the tracks that I love. I couldn't keep still, and just wanted to enjoy that moment watching them perform it live.

I was torn between capturing this in video and dancing to their performance.. This was the result. xD

A video posted by Kathleen Rosario (@katalinarosario) on

Matt was drinking wine, even smoking, on stage. I didn't mind though. He's an artist and he is freely expressing himself on stage. It was even fun to see him intoxicated while performing. Hahaha! He is seriously one crazy guy.

and he's also on barefoot... xD

When I saw the setlist online, I couldn't believe they actually sang 21 songs, and that the concert lasted for almost 2 hours, and we were all standing all those time. It was so fun everything happened too quickly.

one of those awesome moments of the concert

I'm just a little sad I was not able to get one of those 1975 shirts. :( The official merchandise were already sold out when I got there.

For my first lone concert, this is truly one for the books. Love love love.

P.S. I love The 1975 a thousand times more now. Hihihi. :D

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