Touring Around San Fransisco [★ ~ CA Travel #3]

February 28, 2015

Read here part 1 and part 2 of my adventures in California!


My third day in California is a Sunday, so again it was a free day for us! My boss planned to take us around San Fransisco to go sightseeing.

From our hotel in Foster City, we rode the hotel shuttle bus to San Fransisco international airport (for free!) and rode the train from the airport to Powell station, the nearest train stop from Union Square.

We were actually running to catch the train. Unlike in Manila *rolling my eyes*, the trains here arrive and depart on time.

It was spacious inside the train and we easily got ourselves some seats. There were even people who have their bikes with them when they rode the train. I saw several nationalities on board (some Indians and Pakistanees I think). We even saw a group who were speaking in Filipino and even took pictures inside the train. Haha!

Here we are at Powell station!
Union Square was filled with locals and tourists alike, all bustling up the streets.

We met an old friend of our boss with his wife and talked about work and other stuff. When they learned that it was our first time in the US, they recommended some places for us to see around San Fransisco. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (again haha).

Union Square

While our bosses chatted with their former colleague, Krishan and I went to the restaurant's balcony and talked to the wife. It was nice and breezy at our spot. We also had the best view of the plaza below.

Goddess of Victory statue

After a sumptuous lunch, we went outside to begin our DIY tour!

Tourist me @ Union Square

Hearts in San Fransisco

These lovely hearts are iconic in SF. The paintings on them are different each year as part of a fundraising project.

Of course I need to have a picture with it. :D

We viewed Union Square from that macys letter sign.

Along the way, this fountain caught my attention.

It has lots of detailed engravings in it. It's so fun to look on all of the details around it.

There's lots of interesting establishments that I couldn't resist but capture images of them. :)

China Town

We then went to China town. There's a Chinatown in Manila too. Looks like there's one in every country. xD

We look like kids lost in the city. Hahaha.

Where are we now? :O
After walking around China town, we stopped and waited for the cable car that will take us to Fisherman's Warf.

We passed by a bakery where they make these bear and turtle bread shapes!

there are also turtles and a tortoise too! (though it's too large to fit the frame)

Alcatraz Island

That is the Alcatraz island, which is actually a former prison that has become a tourist spot at the San Fransisco Bay.


After a walk around San Fransisco Bay, we went to Ghrirardelli chocolate house.

Whenever the team travels to San Mateo, they always bring home bunch of Ghirardelli goodies. This is my first time to actually dine in their restuarant!

heaven for my sweet tooth! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Golden Gate Bridge

It was almost dusk when we went out. It was getting a bit chilly too. From outside the chocolate house, we could see the Golden Gate bridge at the distance.

a foggy view of the Golden Gate bridge

This bridge is very iconic in San Fransisco. To me, it is most famous as the location of that 98 degrees' music video. Unfortunately, we weren't able to go closer to the bridge because it's getting dark already.

On our way home, we rode the Caltrain to Burlingame station.

On our way home, we passed by Kabul restaurant again, the one where we had our dinner yesterday.

We went back to the hotel tired but satisfied with our trip. It's so nice to be in another country and see places that I only saw before in pictures! To be immersed in a foreign culture is very overwhelming. There were lots of new information to absorb and to experience. This day was truly one for the books.

I loved San Fransisco! I'm glad I had the chance to visit it. I wish we were able to see the Golden Gate bridge closer though.  I hope I can return again!

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  1. waaa! ang gaganda ng pictures mo! sobrang namiss ko ang adventures natin dito! i wanna go back to San Francisco! hahaha.

    1. Thanks Krishan! Marami pa kong di napo-post na photos... Nakaka-miss! Ako din gusto ko bumalik pag may Harry Potter na sa Universal Studios!


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