Big Bang [MADE] Tour in Manila! [★]

July 31, 2015

When you're having too much fun, everything's a blur.

That's exactly what happened to me during the Big Bang concert. It was just until a few hours later that I'm absorbing everything that happened in the concert. This is my first time to see Big Bang live. I started to like them when I saw their Alive tour movie screening last year. And now, I'm actually seeing them on concert!

I think this is the most awaited kpop act this year. Big Bang is one of the most successful kpop group in the scene. They have a unique style which really makes them stand out from the rest of the groups that we have here in the KPOP scene. People that I thought won't be into KPOP actually loves this group. People like Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co fangirl on them. This group is just different. It's not just the music that people like about them, their fashion is another story to tell. And it adds up to the hype that they are such handsome boys!

The Show
Before the start of the show, the audience was given a treat to watch music videos of Big Bang's songs in that large LED screen. All the MVs of their [MADE] songs were played on screen. As expected, the crowd cheered when their favorite song was played, pumping up the excitement for the concert! I noticed on the sides that there were some instruments that were set up. And then it dawned on me, are they actually performing with a live band? WOW! I knew Daesung would be playing the drums on one song (thanks to some screenshots of their BB concert reports in Youtube), but to sing songs with a live band? It came as a surprise to me, honestly.

Few minutes after 8PM, the lights dimmed and the show finally began! Below is more or less the setlist that they did for the show (I cannot confirm if this is 100% accurate, as I was having too much effin fun to care about the order of the songs. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) )

I'm so happy they opened with Bang Bang Bang! It sure was the best way to start the party! I know most of the songs, save for Doom Dada, which was performed by TOP for his solo stage. Daesung really has powerful vocals, and we all heard that during his Wings performance. Eyes Nose Lips is an all-time favorite of me and my sister, so we just melted when Taeyang sang this for his solo stage. Fantastic Baby + We Like to Party + Hands Up was the killer dance combo of the night, and I am so happy they ended it with a blast. Plus an encore of Bang Bang Bang? I cannot ask for more really!

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The #BBMadeinManila stage
The Stage
As expected, the stage was superb! Next to Super Junior's Supershow 5, I think this is the grandest stage that I have seen for a concert, a kpop one at the very least. The moving ramp in the middle was the highlight of the stage! In addition to the large HD screen at the center, there are also two smaller ones on both sides. The lights were also beautiful, which gave additional special effects during songs (during ballads, the lights would light up one by one)! This was really such a big production! And we're just talking about the stage!

The props on the stage was no joke.The elevating platforms on the center stage were amazing, and apparently the center LED is see-through (how did they do that?!) There's also this rotating glasses during 'Loser' and then they bought the huge Angel statue that they used for the song's MV during Bae Bae.

The Members
And so we go to the main dish, the yummy boys of Big Bang. xD Most of the members were sporting dark hair colors now, save for TOP (silvery white?) and GDragon (pink? or was that orange?). I honestly like it better this way, especially for Taeyang. I love him black-haired!

I liked it that they talked in English throughout the show. They're good actually! Seungri and Daesung did most of the funny talking. They're the energy of the group. Taeyang's energy performing live is unbelievable!

I had to focus a lot of times at GDragon, because his handsomeness is too good to be true. I wanted to make sure if he's really human. LOL.

When GDragon mentioned about the E Series that's left on their album, the crowd screamed for him to do a sample. He gave us a sneek peak by rapping while Seungri did the beatboxing.

Looking at the pictures, there's apparently lots of costume changes (there were really a lot going on, it's hard to absorb them all at once!). I also saw again those Kwon twins, the famous handsome twin dancers of YG. :D Sandara Park apparently was also there in the audience. Really nice of her to support her labelmates!

The Band
I mentioned this band at both sides of the stage, right? Apparently they are touring with this band named The Band Six. They were amazing! They were able to do accompaniment during portions of the concert wherein the boys were just having fun and extending singing parts of a song.

So what did I think about this much awaited Big Bang concert? Well I loooove all their songs because they're all full of energy (that screams party! party!), but it felt like there was still something missing in their concert. It's the same feeling as with 2NE1's concert actually. All of their songs are hip-hop and very fun to dance, but it's like they did not show us something that we haven't seen before from them. I cannot think of a part of the concert where I can say that they really blew me away / moved me because of their performance, there was no moment like that. I don't know, maybe the reason was first, they didn't perform much ballads (save for If You, where everyone lit up and waved their phone lights, and Haru Haru), and they did not play instruments live on stage (save for Daesung). I don't really watch concerts of boy groups, more of live bands, so maybe I am just not really used to this kind of stage. Well save for that, I really enjoyed the concert. It was a dance party (hehe apologies for those behind us, hope we did not block their view). Even the videos in-between performances are so artful and very refreshing to watch (unlike the others I've watched before xD).

Stupid Liar, Good Boy, and Crooked have become by favorites because these tracks remind me how fun the concert was.

In this concert, I realized that the stage energy of an artist still won't reach the Upperbox section of the arena (save for some exeptional Western acts *ehem Bruno Mars! ehem*). Next time I watch a KPOP concert, I should really be sitting not farther than Lower Box.

Big Bang! Thank you sooo much for making us happy for this concert! It was all worth it lining up for seven hours just to get the best seats within our budget. Thank you for going out of the box of a typical KPOP-idol-group. You've all really matured as artists, and I am proud to have known amazing performers like you. Good luck on the rest of your [MADE] tour!


By the way, I've posted lots of fancams that you might enjoy at my Instagram. You're welcome! xD

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  1. Super cool shots! <3 OMG i miss them sooooo much huhuhuhu

    1. Hi Shimmerjjang! Thank you! Aww me too. They really did a great show here in Manila. Hope they'll return soon!


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