Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ Namsan Tower [★]

July 05, 2015

And so this was our last night in Seoul.

My sister and I really planned to go to Namsan Tower at night, because for us the place would be more magical in the dark.

We were not disappointed.

Just look at that beauty.
And so our journey to the tower started with us returning to our hostel. We unloaded some stuff and grabbed thicker clothes because we knew it would be a lot colder up there.

Namsan Cable Car
From our hostel, we just walked to the opposite side of our usual route to the subway. When we reached the corner, we turned left and walked up until we saw the "inclined elevator" that would take us up the cable car station.

This is a monument beside the elevator. Can you see the cable car station up there? :D
There's the elevator! It looked a bit scary to ride haha!
It took around two minutes for the cable to go up to the cable car station.

No that's not ghost, that's me. :p

I went inside to line up at the ticketing office while my sister waited outside. She wanted to take photos of the Namsan tower from afar.

Got our tickets! Yay!
Ticket price is ₩17,000, which is good for two people. It's printed on just one ticket. They already assumed you'll be going there with someone special. Heh, I'm with my sis and she's someone special. ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

Namsan Tower with an incoming cable car (my sis' photo btw :D)
We waited for our turn to ride the cable car. As expected, there were couples that were in line also. But there were groups of friends also. The tower closes at 11PM. It was already around 9PM. We only had a few hours left to tour around the area!

our view from our line to the cable car
After a few minutes, we finally rode the cable car. It was roughly a two-minute ride up to the tower. In no time, we have already arrived!

Namsan Tower and the Love Locks

It was sooo beautiful seeing the tower this close. It was indeed so chilly up there, I think it was the coldest temperature that I've felt during my stay in Seoul!

mandatory photo op with the tower xD

Because it was dark already, it was a bit difficult to take some photos with our camera. But still, we tried. (ゝ。∂)

There a few shops at the foot of the tower where we were in. We didn't really have something to buy but we decided to look around.

There's this shop there that sells stuff toys. It's named Teddy Bear Shop.

They don't only sell those typical brown teddy bears, there are cute pandas too!

 I have heard that the Teddy Bear museum located here closed down a few years ago. I was not able to verify that when we were there actually.

We have also spotted Kim Soo Hyun!

Kidding. Just his poster. xD
There's also a store there that sells locks and all-about-couple stuff.

One of the must-to-do's in Namsan Tower is to leave a love lock on their lock trees. For couples, it's a symbol for a vow of loving each other forever.

One of the numerous lock trees at Namsan.
I don't have someone to commit to, so, I decided to do a vow to this blog.

It's been four years since I started writing on this little haven of mine, and everything has blown to become what it is today. I am still clinging to the main purpose of writing in this site, to accomplish a number of goals in life. Going to South Korea used to be one of them, but I decided to slash it off the list. Who knew after exactly 3 years, I will be able to actually do it? Life really is full of suprises, right?

This is supposed to be a couple seat. Well f*ck that, I'm having it all for myself. Haha.
There are still shops up the tower but there's a fee to go up. We decided to just explore the place at the foot of the tower.

From where we were, we could see the beautiful skyline of Seoul.

While looking at this dreamy scenery, my sister and I reflected on how awesome this whole trip was. I was actually anxious about everything about this trip since we started planning it. At this moment, we both thanked Seoul for being our home for the past four days. We definitely created lots of happy memories here.

The night was getting deeper so we went ahead and rode the cable car again back to the station.

The atmosphere is a bit sadder on our way back. :'(

It's our last night here, but we still have last-minute things to do tomorrow before we ride our flight to home. More details on my next post. :D

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