Q3 2015 Morning Playlist [★]

July 15, 2015

It's funny I'm actually constructing my routinely morning playlist when I'm actually on night shift at work. Oh well, this habit just really stuck in. :D

맨정신 (Sober)
뱅뱅뱅 (Bang Bang Bang)
We Like 2 Party
Big Bang

This is the best time to be a fan of Big Bang! These [MADE] promotions that the group is doing are very effective in building the hype for their full-track album. These three songs are my top favorites on their releases so far (I like 'If You' too, but it's too mellow to be on the morning playlist). I am really so excited for their upcoming concert here in Manila! It's happening end of this month. Few more weeks to go!!! \(*T▽T*)/

새벽한시 (1AM)
Stay With Me (Feat. G-Dragon)
태양 (Tae Yang)

This is still Big Bang actually. I really got to like his RISE solo album and these are just two of the tracks that I love from that set (well I love them all actually!). His voice is perfect for RnB songs. Did you know that his current girlfriend is actually featured in his 1AM music video? Lucky lucky girl right? xD Hope Tae Yang sings any of his RISE songs in his solo stage in the upcoming [MADE] concert here in Manila!


I have been hearing this song for some time on Spotify in one of its Chill playlists. The song began to stick to me during that time when a colleague played it when we were in the car heading out somewhere after office. I then heard it again being played by my sister the next day. That's when I found out it's actually Echosmith. I have been hearing the band's name also because +PULP Live World  has been promoting their concert here in Manila, happening next month. I though Echosmith was a rock band but I was so wrong! I really like Sydney Sierota's voice. It's so soothing. I'm still torn if I would be seeing them in their concert here. I really want to, but this is out of my budget already. ~(>_<。) Anyway I still have a month to contemplate. 

Imagine Dragons

This is another song from Imagine Dragons that I really like off from their Smoke + Mirrors album. I am looking forward to hearing this live from the band (yes, I'm seeing them in concert!). I'm actually imagining this as their opening song, which is really fun to sing along with. :D

The Go
Lost Boys
The 1975 (recorded when they were still B I G S L E E P)

This is the result of my strenuous research about the beginnings of this band. I found these three gems! I am so proud of myself. Hehe. I instantly liked these songs the first time I heard them. It's a shame that these are actually unreleased tracks. There are rumors that some of the old tracks that they have recorded under previous band names will be released on their second album. Well I do hope so. By the way, I am earnestly looking forward to their next tour here in Manila!

Yay! So much for my daily doses of KPOP and Alternative music. :D


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Imagine Dragons

The 1975

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