Concert Diaries: Maroon 5 Live in Manila! #Maroon5VTourManila [★]

September 20, 2015

Yes, I went yet again to another concert! This is the last one I got for this year (unless someone huge comes to the country) and what better way to wrap this concert quarter than spending it with none other than the legend Maroon 5!

I believe this was the most awaited concert of the year here in the country. The show was almost sold out just within two days from the release day of the concert tickets, The quest for tickets was insane! The stars aligned for us because we were able to get Row A tickets... at the Gen Ad section (xD again this is only what we could afford). The organizer even opened limited-view sections, and guess what, it was still fully-packed during the concert! That's how hot Maroon 5 is here in the country!

Concert day. I was an early bird again at the venue. At around 4:30PM, I was already walking my way to the arena. The show did not start until 8PM, but I was there to check out the official concert merchandise on sale there. I was able to get a Maroon 5 VTour shirt!

Since my sister was still on her way to MOA, I roamed around and went to the book fair at SMX nearby. I was already wearing the Maroon 5 shirt during that time. I was actually a bit conscious about the shirt for the first few minutes, but later on I was too busy looking out among the books to care. I bought The Happiness Project book (which has been part of my to-read-list like forever!) for just Php236.00!

Front Act: Dirty Loops
On the morning of concert day, I was actually listening to this group so that I could get familiar with their music. They're good I must say, and I immediately became familiar with their songs.

The show started at exactly 8PM (which was actually a rare thing). Dirty Loops opened the show with Roller Coaster. Their music was awesome and they sounded great live, but there was something missing in their perfomance that failed to capture the audience that night. Jonah Nilsson, the vocalist of the band, did not connect that much to the audience. But still the people was able to appreciate them, especially when they performed a cover of 'Wake Me Up' by Avicii.

That guy's got the vocals. :D

Main Event: Maroon 5
Of course, when the band went up on the stage, the crowd went wild! I didn't know Adam Levine was sporting a bald hair. Erm, I think it didn't suit him well.

The band opened with Animals. As expected the band, was awesome live. However I felt there was something wrong with the general feel of their performance.

Was it Adam's voice? His energy on stage? I think down the next 7 songs, there was something awkward with the vibe of how they were performing, especially with Adam. During those times, thoughts came to me: Is this the end of Adam's career? Is it time for Maroon 5 to retire? Am I not enjoying the concert because this is the second time I'm seeing them live?

James Valentine doing his thing on the stage.
Awesome guitar sounds, man.

After performing the last notes of Love Somebody, I saw Adam talk to the technical people on the side about something. There might have been something wrong with his microphone. I think starting with Maps, his voice started to sound better.

Matt Flynn on drums. He was so good!

But there was one song when we clearly heard his voice crack. And I saw the people below in general face each other. obvious that they were startled. Was he not feeling well? :O I knew he had some neck injury a few weeks back, which is actually the cause of their Daegu's concert stop to be delayed for a few days.

But don't get me wrong, they did an awesome awesome performance. Though if I would compare it with their 2012 concert, I'd still pick my first concert encounter with them as the better one. One thing was still consistent though - they're still good in transitioning from one song to another. It sustains the audience's momentum, even hyping them up still. This was the specific factor that I was mainly looking for during Imagine Dragon's concert. I'm glad Maroon 5 is still as good as I remembered them on this one.

Maroon 5 V Tour - Manila Setlist
One More Night
Stereo Hearts
Harder to Breathe
Lucky Strike
Wake Up Call
Love Somebody
This Love
Sunday Morning
Makes Me Wonder

Lost Stars
She Will Be Loved
Moves Like Jagger

They still did not sing my favorite song Beautiful Goodbye for the second time, and also some songs from the new album like Leaving California, Unkiss Me, and Sad (yup, I mostly like the sad songs). ( ̄▽ ̄)

Maroon 5 is a legend now, there's no denying that. I love them for the longest time. Maroon 5 is the first artist that I went to see in a concert twice. (I almost did it with Incubus though). You know what, it was still worth it, though I guess I am very satisfied now seeing what they've got to flaunt performing live.

I love you Maroon 5! Stay awesome! :D


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