Boracay 2014 [#5]: Strollin' Along the Shore

September 20, 2015

Obviously I have a long backlog on posts to do regarding travels I previously did. Except for South Korea there are still pending posts for my travel adventures in California and Baler. I will post them as soon as I am able!


After the satisfying lunch that we had over at D'Mall, we went back near the area of our hotel and just leisurely walked along the bay absorbing the beautiful scenery before us.

We walked past these fallen coconut trees along the shore up until the end before the mountain (with the cross on the photo above).

When we arrived on our spot, me and my sister knew we had to move closer to this particular resort.

THIS IS THE PLACE. Something wonderful was supposed to take place on this resort, but it never happened.

So, it's confession time! Remember that one bit about JYJ that I mentioned about on a previous Boracay post? This whole Boracay trip happened because of this. The event was supposed to happen on this very spot, but things happened. And so our original flight in November was just rescheduled March the next year, and we just included mom into our itinerary. So in some way, I could thank JYJ for making this trip possible, right? =)) (note: mom never knew a thing about this hehe).

Though I was not able to see JYJ, I was able to enjoy the beach of Boracay! :D :D :D
After taking photos for a bit, we walked back to our hotel front. Lots of people have come along the bay, so we decided to stay here and just relax and watch the sunset.

The sunset is sooooo lovely. (人´∀`*)

This is the the best part of the day for me - just after sunset. It was still bright but it's not that warm anymore.

And so we proceeded, for the next several minutes, doodling on the sand...

Kudos to you if you can actually read these. :D

When the evening finally settled in, we went and got something for dinner. We ate some barbecue, fries, and pizza!

And that wrapped up our last night on this wonderful paradise island. It was a just a chill day, but it was so nice to be able to chat with sis and mom in a whole new different setting. :D

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