SMART Truly Cares [★]

September 03, 2016

I have been a Smart subscriber since 2014. Now I have already reached the period wherein I can avail of a new handset as part of the network's retention plan promos. I already sent them my application earlier this year, however I was only able to personally visit the Smart store last week to follow up about it. I didn't receive updates from that Smart store for several months about the status of my application. I have forgotten about it actually. I was only able to remember it when my sister told me she needs a new phone (she has a line with Smart also). I told her I'd just give her this new unit that I will be receiving.

When I went to the Smart store, the staff there told me that the unit I requested was already there. However I won't be able to get it because they need to return it now to the warehouse because there's only a limited period that they can hold the unit. They would just be sourcing a new one for me. With that, they'll need to re-encode my application, in other words my application would need to fall in line again. It would take at least two weeks to get the new unit again.

That process seemed off to me. I reached out to @SMARTCares about this concern. Within minutes, I received a reply from their account asking for more information. I sent all of the details via DM. After exchanging several messages, they replied they'll contact the Smart store concerned.

The next day, I received a text message from the Smart store telling me I can now claim the unit. w(°o°)w I replied that I'll try to drop by their store that day. However, I had to do overtime at work so I informed them I won't be able to get the unit that day but will try to get it within the week. The next day, I received a text again from them telling me they would need to return the unit to the warehouse so I need to claim it within the day. So even though I still had some tasks to do, I did not do overtime that day and went to the Smart store.

It was obvious to me I had been the "topic of the day" of all the staff  at that Smart store because the moment I entered, a staff (the one I initially talked to) told me to wait for a while and that she'll just get the unit ready. She then went to the back of the store and I heard her shout my name to the other staff there telling them that I was already there. Then they began talking about me. (I badly wanted to shout "I can hear you f*ckers" 凸(`△´+)) Good thing the staff, who approached me after, was nice. He was able to smoothly process my transaction. After a few minutes, I walked away with my new unit from the store with a satisfied smile. :D

This is all thanks to the person who handled my case via the @SMARTCares twitter handle. Checking on the account's timeline, I saw that there are replies to different people with concerns every few seconds! I realized it was very easy then for my case to just be buried down the hundreds of tags they receive each day. But it didn't. And mind you, the replies via that account are not templates with words that seemed to be copied-and-pasted. The replies are very professional, even to trolls. To give back to the wonderful customer service I have received, I responded to all the surveys they sent my way.

It was my first time to raise a concern through a customer service account via SNS, so I thought maybe this is the norm today? I tweeted my concern to a customer service SNS account of a local bank (clue: it says @talktothem) because I cannot connect to a rep via their trunkline. Unfortunately, I did not receive any reply. So I guess not everyone has great customer service online then. :p

Update: I tried following up again via that Twitter account, and guess what, this time they noticed me! My request was addressed after less than a week. So I guess SNS customer service is not that bad after all! :)


All details here are based on true events, not a sponsored ad or whatsoever. I am just a satisfied customer telling the world about my experience.

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