#The1975LiveLounge with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra [★]

October 02, 2016

"It's a celebration of how far we've come." - Matty Healy (The 1975 frontman)

Indie band The 1975 really has come a long way, and proof of this is the fact that they are the featured artist for the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge finale show. And this is not just any other kind of performance, because for this stage, the band was accompanied by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra (a f*cking legit orchestra! *mindblown*)!

I believe The 1975 is just the perfect band to be accompanied by an orchestra for a show. With the kind of songs they produce, the music is such a match made in heaven! This show became an opportunity for them to play live some of their instrumental tracks from their sophomore album.

The band has been teasing fans about this special show for several weeks. They've been expressing how they are very much looking forward to it. During the rehearsals, they said they've been moved to tears on how wonderful their music sounded with the orchestra. Richard Davis, the orchestra conductor, did a great job in creating the orchestra version score. The identity of the songs were still present, they were just further embellished by the wonderful melody of the orchestra instruments. It was just amazing. Just like what Matty said, it sounded so magical, like a fairytale.

The show was available for streaming (both audio and video) worldwide. I used the BBC iPlayer for the audio, and the BBC Media player for the video (yes I was using two phones!). I knew our internet connection is not that fast, so audio streaming was my best option for a seamless experience of the show. The video part is just a bonus, so that I could see a sneak peek of what was happening on stage.

I was actually anxious that fans would scream too much for the duration of the show, but good thing they didn't. I guess they were briefed on proper orchestra show decorum. :D

Live Lounge: The 1975 with the BBC Philharmonic Setlist
I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
Love Me
A Change of Heart
Somebody Else
Loving Someone
Sorry (Justin Bieber cover)
What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction Cover)
Please Be Naked
If I Believe You
The Sound

ILIWYS is just a treat to hear accompanied by flutes and violins. Matty was right, it sounded very Disney-like. My favorites among the set were Change of HeartChocolate, and The Sound. I was looking forward for them to play This Must Be My Dream (cause they didn't play it during the #InTheMix concert), but no they still did not this time. Also, Robbers was still out of the set. I've learned (with what I've read online) that they might permanently leave that out of the regular show setlist because the song strains Matty's voice too much. That would be sad news for everyone, cause the song has always been a crowd favorite. I was also hoping they'd play Medicine for this show, but nope.

"We are incredibly nervous." - Matty
The Live Lounge was available for streaming worldwide via BBC Radio 1 as the show happened live. It was scheduled 7:30PM UK time, which translates to 2AM here in Manila. I woke up extra early especially for it, and the show was worth all the wait and effort. 

Even before the show started, #The1975LiveLounge was already trending worldwide on Twitter! #proudfan

It was really an amazing show, something that would be memorable, both for the band and for the fans. Thanks again The 1975 for making me happy. :D

If you missed the live show, you may still stream it via the BBC iPlayer up until the end of the month.

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