Seoul 2016: An Introduction #ThesisSeoulMates

November 26, 2016

I found myself in Seoul again, this time for the Autumn season. 💗
This travel to Seoul was unexpected. After my first-time trip last year to my dream land (home of KPOP and KDramas that I am obsessed with), I never really had plans of returning soon. But things changed when I encountered a seat sale online. I saw the airfare was even cheaper than our previous Seoul tickets.

I made a leap of faith. I clicked the 'Book Now' button and purchased the tickets.

It was an exhilarating feeling - being brave enough to actually get those tickets.

After several minutes, the realization sank in - I will be travelling alone to Seoul. The idea of it made me excited and frightened at the same time. But I knew I would survive anyway, as this would already be my second time to visit the city. There were several months to prepare. However after a few hours of contemplating, I decided to see if there are friends who would be also travelling on those same dates. So I rounded up with friends to check. When I asked my thesis mates if they wanted to join me, they were thrilled! They then bought plane tickets as well on the same night I asked them about it. Talk about impulsive buying, right? 😁

One of our few photos together during the trip. 😁 #ThesisSeoulMates
I realized this was our first time to travel together, and it's already to an international destination! We've really leveled up! Usually the three of us would just meet up to eat out in malls, or sing at the karaoke, but now, we are travelling to Seoul! Even though we don't get to bond that much anymore these days (we work in different offices), with these two, it's always as if time didn't pass when we see each other again.

All of us were busy with work, so we didn't have time to actually meet to plan stuff for this travel. From arranging our visas to planning our itinerary, we did it all online. It was like we were in college again doing our thesis. We had our notes uploaded on Google Docs, collaborating on our travel checklist and itinerary.

Before we knew it, the day to finally travel to Seoul has arrived!

Even though this is my second time in Seoul, there were still a lot of firsts for me during this trip.

First time to experience Fall! 😄

As usual, this is going to be a series of posts (expect loooots of photos!). My first travel to Seoul was during Spring. Now, the season is Autumn! This time, I didn't visit any KPOP-related spot, because honestly I didn't have anything to explore anymore (our itinerary last year have already covered most places). I wanted my travel this time to be a relaxed one, just chilling around and enjoying the sights and sounds (and food!) of Seoul. 💗

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