Speed Magazine's Photography Workshop #FeedGoals [★]

November 27, 2016

Everyone nowadays are thoroughly invested on their profile online. I am guilty myself. I really think and plan on what content I will publish on my SNS. Of course I want to make my online profile to be appealing so it gets noticed by the rest of the world!

This kind of OC-ness is very evident for me on Instagram because it is a platform mainly for sharing photos. There has become a trend now of constructing photo grids so that the photos complement each other nicely on the profile page - hence the term #feedgoals.

One profile on top of my mind that perfectly captures this technique is the IG feed of fashion designer and blogger Camille Co.

Just look at her feed! So pretty! 💋
She actually has a very detailed tutorial video on what her thinking process is on publishing on IG. In that video, she mentioned that she goes through every detail of each photo, even up to the level of rearranging them so that on her actual IG profile, adjacent photos complement each other in terms of colors and composition. 😮 #wow

This is the goal of Speed Magazine's workshop - to teach SNS users how to achieve their #feedgoals. Of course each of us has our own type of goal on what we want for our profile, and this workshop was to guide us to that.

Because I arrived late 😓, I was only able to catch the second speaker for the workshop - lifestyle photographer John Austria of @SinoPinas, who shared his experiences as a photographer, and also gave us tips on how to create our own #feedgoal.

His IG feed is very neat looking! 👍
My take aways from his talk are:

  • Find your brand, and stick to it. If you are interested in posting about travel, then go for it. If you are into food photography, then very well indulge in it. Just be consistent on your content.
  • It's okay to break some rules. Photography is an art. You don't have to follow rules all the time (i.e. rule of thirds).
  • Vsco is a nice mobile app to edit your photos on your mobile. I always see this #vsco tag on Instagram - so this is what it's referring to. His go-to filters are A6, S2, and SE3.
There was an activity after the talk, wherein the audience were tasked to take photos around the venue focusing on portrait photography. We were at Coffee Project, and it was perfect because every area of the coffee shop was IG-worthy! We grouped and partnered up and took photos of our respective activity partner around the area. See all participants' entries here!

The best part of being invited to events like this? The take-home loot! 😁 (p.s. I used the VSCO app to edit this photo!)

It was such a fun experience! Thanks a lot to Speed Magazine for inviting me to this workshop!

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