Seoul Trip 2016: Day 1 ~ Gwangjang Market

November 30, 2016

Day 1: Gwangjang Market
I was so used to waking up early because of work. I was not surprised that I jolted awake at around 6AM the next day. I checked our Korea trip Facebook chat group - my two friends were still asleep. Well I knew this would happen, so I packed jogging clothes with me so that I could do early morning walks around the area of the guesthouse.  I got up and prepared. In a few minutes, I was ready to go out and explore!

I checked the Accuweather app on my phone. It displayed a single-digit number indicating the temperature. When I went outside, I confirmed that it was really cold - well, not that cold compared to last night at least.

My jogging outfit!
The weather was so refreshing! I realized that I felt comfortable with the cold, which is very unlike the coldness that I feel from the aircon at the office. 😊 With music in my ears, I walked around the area. I saw lots of stalls with goods for sale (much like the Divisoria setup). I then saw this area with food for sale - apparently I was already at Gwangjang Market!

Because it was still early morning, some stalls were not yet opened and few people were there. I saw one stall that sells pajeon (korean pancake). I bought some for take out (it costs 5,000 KRW). Ahjumma even game some extra pieces and told me it was service (for free).

Satisfied with my food, I went back to the guesthouse to eat. I went up to the rooftop (yes our guesthouse has one!) with my pajeon and coffee that I bought the night before. The view up there was nice. I could see Seoul Tower in the distance.

So I was just chilling there munching on my warm pajeon while absorbing the view in front of me. Just a year ago, me and my sister visited Seoul Tower. Who would have thought I'd be returning again to this place? I was just all emo during that time, accompanied by my favorite music playing from my Spotify playlist. Later on, I was joined by Mel, carrying his own breakfast.

We chattered away while eating our breakfast at the rooftop. It just felt nice just chilling there. Our itinerary is DIY, so we owned our time - no schedule to catch. But of course, we didn't want to waste much of our time. Later on, we went back to our rooms to "officially" prepare for the day!

Next stop - Cheonggyecheon Stream!

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