Reputation: New Taylor is Here... Are you ready for it?

November 12, 2017

Yes, TS6 is finally out! Taylor Swift's latest album reputation was released last November 10, and it's the first album I have ever purchased off iTunes.

I've been following the whole TS drama ever since those snake GIFs were posted on Taylor's Instagram. I was curious and intrigued on this whole new Taylor image. When the track Look What You Made Me Do dropped, I followed all the fan theories and comments about the song. When the music video was released, I got really obsessed, along with the other fans as we carefully examined each and every frame of that music video. And the efforts paid off as actually there were a lot of easter eggs in that video. Taylor is really a genius.

I also followed Joseph Khan on Twitter. He's the brilliant creative mind behind Taylor's recent videos: Blank Space, Bad Blood, Wildest Dreams, and Out of The Woods. New additions to the KhanXSwift collaborations are Look What You Made Me Do and ...Ready For It? Khan has nothing but positive comments about the reputation album, even describing it as a monster. I really looked forward to the album release day.

When 11/10 came, I was disappointed to learn that the album won't be available on streaming sites soon. Online, it's only available to purchase on iTunes. I told myself repeatedly that day that I would just wait for it to come out on Spotify (curiously I don't have the heart to pirate the album on Torrent, *sigh* this is the power of Taylor Swift). However all the buzz it's creating online was making my curiosity burst... until I couldn't handle it anymore. I gave in and bought the album off iTunes. You win Taylor.

my very first purchase off iTunes
Well I'm very happy I did. I love the songs. On first play of the album, I knew right there and then that reputation will be my life for the next days to come.

I rarely do album reviews, except for those albums that I really anticipated the release (last one I did was for I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It). Well reputation counts in that list, and so here's my thoughts about Taylor Swift's new album (after repeatedly playing it for the past days 😂)

Reputation - Taylor Swift (Album Tracks Review)

1 ...Ready For It?
First time I heard it, like everyone else I guess, I was pleasantly surprised by Taylor rapping. I've never heard her rap before, and she's good! I love the chorus because her trademark melodies were still there. When the music video came out, I loved the song even more! It was so badass. I really liked this fan theory about the story behind the MV, which was a very different take from what most people are saying about it.

2 End Game (feat Ed Sheeran & Future)
I first heard the preview on iTunes and it was on the part where Ed Sheeran raps, and wow I love it! The beat is so catchy, and we hear Taylor rapping again.

3 I Did Something Bad
Another badass song from her. I really liked the lines:

They're burning all the witches, even if you aren't one
So light me up (light me up), light me up (light me up)
Light me up, go ahead and light me up (light me up)

4 Don't Blame Me
I was looking forward for this one, as Joseph Khan hyped me up for this.

On first play I didn't get it. Track 3 was even more badass for me. I'm not used to hearing a mature and sexy Taylor. But after a few plays, it's beginning to grow on me. People were accurate to say that Reputation is 1989's sexier and darker older sister. 😘

5 Delicate
With just first play, I already loved it, with the simple vocals and that catchy instrumental, I was in! This is in my top 5 for this album.

6 Look What You Made Me Do
"I'm sorry, the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" is now a classic line. When I first heard it, I wasn't really into it. But I must say the video was brilliant, and it made the song better for me. I really enjoyed the scavenger hunt for the easter eggs! 🐰🥚

7 So It Goes...
It was a forgettable song during the first few plays. When I dug the lyrics, I found some magic in there:

All eyes on you, my magician / All eyes on me, your illusionist

You know I'm not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you.

For me this is even darker and sexier than Dress. I guess this song will grow on me after a bit more plays.

8 Gorgeous
It was meh on first play, but it's slowly growing on me. I liked it more after seeing the making of the song, and how Taylor was writing it on piano. I think the song sounded better during the early stages of her songwriting process.

9 Getaway Car
I looooove this! I liked the lines

Ridin' in a getaway car

There were sirens in the beat of your heart

and also the reference to Bonnie and Clyde. This is my most favorite song from the album.

10 King of My Heart
This is one of the forgettable songs, but slowly I'm liking the chorus.

11 Dancing With Our Hands Tied
Another forgettable song for me, and currently this is still growing on me.

12 Dress
The Secret Sessioners hyped this one for me, but uh I guess this is not really my jam. Only bought this dress so you could take it off? I'm sorry but I find the lines a bit cringey. 🙄

13 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
This is a less serious song and I'm glad she included a song like this. It has a different vibe amongst the rest of the songs in the album. And that evil laugh! 😂

14 Call It What You Want 
I love this song. I first listened to this during a trip. I even isolated myself for several minutes because I had to internalize and listen to it immediately. On our way back to our hotel from a tourist spot, this was playing on repeat like forever, while I was chatting with someone. I really cherished those feelings while listening to this song. With this inspiration, I thought of of finally taking the risk and crossing the line (even the temples agree), but meh nothing happened. 😔 However, I'll always remember that feeling when I listen to this song. 

15 New Year's Day
With just the first few piano notes of this song, I was sold. This is the kind of song I want to listen to while sipping warm coffee on a rainy day and just reminiscing the good times. 

Hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you.

Aww Taylor. You don't know how these words affected me. 😭

Thank you Taylor for bringing these songs to this world. I can't believe we are just of the same age (you are only 3 days older) but you've already experienced A LOT of things and now you are this mature and strong lady. Congrats to your record-breaking album release, and I hope only for great things to come to you. 😊💗

P.S. Please come to the Manila again for a concert!

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