Taipei 2017: An Introduction

November 06, 2017

I know I have been catching up with all the travel posts that I need to get out there, and here comes yet again another travelling chapter! Of course I am no way complaining, because travelling is life (and I am sooooo lucky I have this opportunity to go to places outside the country for leisure). I just wanted to publish everything as soon as possible while the memories are still fresh.

So, I just got home from a 7-day-DIY trip to Taipei with my colleagues. I am absolutely mindblown on how life-changing the food can be in Taiwan. There have been a couple of instances that I just had to close my eyes to savor the sensation of tasting the food in my mouth. 😋

It's my first time to use my new LUMIX camera on a trip, and as expected, it was a bit challenging for me to shoot photos and videos at the same time checking out the places with my own eyes. I tend to get too distracted, so I didn't shoot that much in some places that we visited (especially in the latter days). But still I managed to create 23GB worth of photos and videos. 😲

It's my first time to travel out of the country with just a handful of my colleagues, and to think I've known them for years now, I was able to discover a lot about them during the trip. Same goes for myself - I've been with myself my whole life (😂) but I was still able to know myself better. I had a lot of not-so-good episodes during the trip, which I didn't tell my colleagues (or maybe they knew all along haha).

Stay tuned to my next posts! I have loooots of stories to tell from this trip! Meanwhile, see some of the highlights of our first day in Taipei below. 😁

Our "life-changing" meal @ Mala Hotpot

mandatory tourist photo @ Taipei 101
beef cuts seasoned with (lots) of pepper @ Shilin Night Market

There you go - 2/3 are food photos... You know what to expect now. 😉

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