New Lasema: Bigger & Better Jjimjilbang Experience!

February 04, 2018

I've been a fan of Lasema for years. Since my first visit in 2012, I've fallen in love with this spa because it really provides its customers the authentic jjimjilbang /찜질방/ (Korean bathhouse) experience! I've went several times since then and I enjoyed every single visit!

I heard the news that Lasema would do a relocation so I didn't think of visiting it again for sometime. But then last week, my colleagues remembered that they would be opening again! True enough when we checked their Facebook page, they were already on soft opening since the month of January! Immediately, we decided to schedule our visit there!

Just look at their new reception desk! So shiny!
my friends (Hazel & Krishan) getting ready to go inside

New and Improved Lasema
Me and my friends were so excited to finally do a visit because by just looking at their FB page, you can already tell that this is going to be a whole new experience. Lasema now has their own new building and their facilities span 3 floors! They've also added a lot of new services too like a noraebang /노래방/ (Korean videoke)!

Old patrons of Lasema will be delighted to know that it's still the same spa we have come to love, it just became even better. I cannot emphasize enough how excited I was upon entering the female locker room, because it's so big now! I really love their wooden doors!

They now have more than 5 hot pools in the wet area! I was so amazed. In their old location, they only had 3 pools. This is really such a nice upgrade that they did!

Door that leads to the wet sauna
They have a new service called Sitz Bath, wherein you sit on a chair with a hole in the middle and underneath it is a pot with steam coming out. They say this is healthy and sterilizes your private parts. I wasn't able to try this though (I might on my next visit!), and I think there's an additional fee to avail this service.

Ready to go to the dry sauna area! 😁
Wider Common Area
After Hazel and I have finished changing to our jjimjilbang shirt and shorts, we went to the common area to meet Krishan. We were like kids exploring the new areas. I got so excited looking around the different rooms (I even got lost lol). I've been able to visit the old location with Krishan so we were comparing the differences of the areas from the old one. Everything just got bigger and better! 💓

TV area with lots of sleeping couches!
There's a lot of new things to see in the common area, but there are some elements you will be able to recognize from the old location, like the pillar with the flowers mosaic, the sleeping caves, and the dry saunas! They have added a new dry sauna room (that's a total of 4 rooms now). We saw a pond (near the mural painting) with some koi swimming in it! 

new mural in the common area
There's an area in the common room where you can see the view outside. I think I'd want to stay in that area next time! Also there's a tall aquarium in one part also, with some huge fish swimming around. 🐟🐟

Even the snackbar did an upgrade! They have more choices on the menu now. I heard that Lasema guests can order from the restaurants in the first floor and have it delivered in the common area. I'm just not that sure, maybe I'll try this on my next visit! 😄

I'm so glad they still serve 식혜 /sikhye/ (Korean sweet rice). It's my favorite drink after coming out of the dry saunas. It's so refreshing!

We really enjoyed our visit to the new Lasema spa (as you can already tell from the photos)! I would surely come back here to just relax and unwind! 😀👍

[UPDATE: Oct-12-2018]: I was able to try their Korean scrub service (Dae Mi Di), and it was a very relaxing and satisfying experience! For more than an hour, your whole body is scrubbed using a Korean Italy Towel, a rough-textured cloth that effectively exfoliates the skin, getting rid of dry skin! After the procedure, my skin felt soft and baby-smooth! I'm very happy I felt brave and bold (pun intended!) to try this out. 😁

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New Lasema Spa | Facebook
#8846 Sampaloc st. Cor. Estrella st. San Antonio village, Makati

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