Seoul Trip 2016: Day 2 ~ Hangang Park & Myeongdong

March 27, 2018

After our leisurely walk in Seoul Forest, I nudged my friends to stop by Hangang park, for an ultimate mission: to bike along the Hangang river!

Biking Attempt along Han River
I did a lot of research about bike trails with rentals in Seoul, and this one is one of the nicest spots. It was already sunset and it was beginning to feel really cold. Since the park is near the river, the temperature was really cold! Hangang Park is only a few stations away from Seoul Forest so within minutes we already arrived at the park!
Uh, where are all the people?
Upon arrival, I noticed something was off. Where are all the people? I was expecting there would be a lot of people just strolling around the park. Maybe because it was too cold? Anyway, I searched for the bike rentals because I really want to start biking! Based on my research, it was near a fountain. I asked the lady in the counter for rental bikes. She just pointed me to a sign posted at the door. I didn't notice that when I entered. To my dismay, it said that bike rental companies were currently holding a strike! 😭 Of all the days, right? Well I couldn't really do anything about it, so I just asked my friends to stroll a bit about around the park and take pictures.

this photo is one of my favorites!

I've watched countless Korean dramas and variety shows set along the Hangang river, and I just couldn't believe during that moment that I was actually at that place. 😍

Street Food and Makeup @ Myeongdong
Since we don't have anything to do for the rest of the evening, we headed to Myeongdong, my favorite place in Seoul! It served as my home during my first trip in South Korea so it really had a special place in my heart. 😊

Seeing the busy streets again of Myeongdong, I realized that I really missed Seoul.

Our arrival was perfect timing because the street food stands were just starting to set up. Time to indulge into the delicious Myeongdong street foods! 😋

My friend tried this scallops with melted cheese. I was really tempted, but it costs too much. 😆

My friends wanted to eat more street food while I wanted to look around at the (makeup!) shops. I have a list of items to buy for my colleagues so I was sure I will do a lot of moving around in between stores. Since both my friends are guys, I don't think they'd be thrilled. 😅 So to make the most out of our time, we decided to split ways and just return our separate ways to our hostel.

Once I started walking by myself in Myeongdong, my fangirl self got activated. I secretly squealed as I saw standees of familiar KPOP stars. I went on a high. This is KPOP heaven. 

I bought these makeup stuff for my colleagues back at home.
Since it was already getting late, I finished all the errands and went my way to the subway. It felt liberating to navigate solo, especially in a foreign land. I felt so free and happy. Is this a glimpse on how it feels to actually travel solo?  Since I was in my own room, I was able to do some me time for the rest of the night.

That wraps up day 2 of our trip! Stay tuned for more posts of our Korea adventure (which is already 2 years ago 😅 Bear with me, I will publish all of the content soon)!

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