Heroes and Thieves

March 19, 2018

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I have watched a lot of dramas and soap operas in the past and I'm sure all of us get annoyed with those antagonist characters, seeing them ruthlessly treat other people in the story.  Well spoiler alert, these happen in real life too. I thought some things will only happen in dramas because people can't be that bad, right? Right? These shows are just exaggerating events to entertain the audience, right?

Well, unfortunately, they don't. People will go to great extents just to get what they want. 

I say this because I've seen it first-hand. I'm so amazed with the acting skills, it deserves an Oscar award. But not all stories are perfect and we saw the flaw in it (can run but can't hide). #iknowwhatyoudidlastsummer.

On the brighter side of things... I discovered who my true friends are.

Because of a series of mishaps, people shined and shared their warmth with me. I was not used to divulging all my deepest feelings (I felt so vulnerable 😭) but I discovered that this helps heal the pain. I've proved once again that a listening ear can mend emotional wounds. 😊

Also, I finally found my pack. I found a circle wherein no filters are needed and we can tell the stories of our lives, uncut version. Some of them have always been my confidant all these years, but the extension of the circle made it even better. I loved talking and sharing my stories with them. I learned from them that really, everyone is fighting their own battleI know from hereon that if I look back to my life during these years, the moments with them will be the shiniest ones I will remember.

A lot has changed, especially with the way I see people now. Another lesson learned: know who your true friends are, and be careful who you give your trust.


By the way, post title is inspired by one of my favorite songs from Vanessa Carlton, which could actually be my theme song at the moment. 😉

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