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June 11, 2018

For the last few weeks, I've been feeling "under the weather". I know for a fact that this grey cloud has always been with me, but lately it's having an extra effect on me (it didn't help that it already started to rain). I thought being with this cloud 24/7 would make me already immuned of its effects, but I guess it's not really the case. However life is still good to me, as during those low points of my life, I was shown and taught on what living is all about and which things really mattered.

Had Some Life Realizations. Every one of us has our own struggles. Even though you are famous, or pretty, or rich, you'd still have something that challenges you in this life. (just finished reading Tricia Gosingtian's blog post). You just have to find what makes you truly happy.

Got Obsessed with Taylor Swift (again). I'm just so in love with this gal. I'm following everything that's happening to her - to the stadium tours, award shows,  to her tour special guests, what the special song is she playing on that concert night - I'm updated. I really really hope she adds a date to her reputation tour here in the Philippines (although I'm thinking which venue would suit her concert setup -- Philippine Sports Stadium, maybe?).

Discovered a brand new look on Life. For the past months, I've been deeply contemplating for the meaning of life. I was having some serious existential crisis because finally, I acknowledged to myself that I am lost. I knew I was looking for something, but I really didn't know what it was, and because of that, I was not happy. 

I used to feel very happy and energetic after concerts, but honestly after the Bruno Mars concert, it kinda felt that the magic was gone. That got me scared, because concerts made my soul alive. Recently, even music is not touching me in ways like before. I was afraid that nothing will work for me anymore. I have the greatest friends (hands down!), but sometimes I just wanna be detached from them. That's just how I am I guess.  I told myself I'll try anything that works. I even tried to subscribe to the magic and healing powers of that salt lamp, but still there were not much notable difference. And then... I rediscovered The Bible again. I might sound like another converted devotee, but The Scriptures touched my soul in ways I haven't felt for the longest time. The Words were alive, and it talked straight to my soul (though I'm ashamed to admit that I only remembered reaching out to Him when I was not feeling my best 😔).

I've always thought of how humbling it is to be alive in this world... how everything I cared about won't really matter really when I die. Morbid, but that's fact of life. Frankly, we won't really know if there's really heaven or hell, or whichever religion is actually telling the truth. For me, what's truly important are these moments you experience while being alive in this world. Pursue things that make you happy. This has always been my life motto. Cause that's what life is worth living for, right? Avoid overthinking, and just enjoy the great things this life has to offer. #advicesformyself

Got bespectacled from this day onwards. I wear glasses only when in front of the computer, you know for that anti-glare stuff that prevents eye strain. However, starting this month, I'll have to wear one out of necessity. 😭 For the past few weeks I always had headaches. At first it was due to motion sickness because I always used my cellphone while on a moving vehicle. However, the headaches became more frequent, even though I wasn't in the shuttle. One day, I experienced light-headness even just for a few minutes of looking at my monitor. That's when I told myself that alright something's wrong so I went to the nearby hospital and had my eyes checked. Well the optometrist did give me prescription glasses, and told me if the headaches still persist, I might consider consulting with a neurologist. On that same day I went to Starfinder Optical (which is Korean brand by the way 💗) and ordered my prescription glasses. My grade is still low (thank goodness), but when I wore it, it made noticeable difference! I didn't realize my vision was already a bit blurry/dusty until I wore these glasses. Everything was more on focus (I told my colleagues that my vision was upgraded to HD quality) and I've never been happier. So far, my headaches have not returned. 😀 
Experienced Nomi Matcha (at last!). As avid matcha lovers, I've always wanted to try out this cafe in BGC. This month, we finally got to try it! It was one of our colleague's birthday, and since we were all matcha lovers, we really planned to go stop by this resto! While there, we talked about life, future plans, and other personal stuff. 💗

We ordered the desserts platter, and I guess we got too overwhelmed with the matcha flavor. The tiramisu was the winner for me.

Went far south to bake cookies. Our good-hearted colleague opened her home and taught us how to bake cookies! Together with our colleagues, we went to her house (well more like she and her husband picked us up). We ate lunch Korean style complete with samgyupsal, kimchi, and soju! (and that dish with shrimp, corn and potatoes was the best!). Then we did some Disney movie marathon while baking cookies and eating Italian-style pasta and matcha ice cream cake! 😋

some of the cookies we baked. yum!
It was one of the best weekends I had. We had the best time just eating and having fun conversations. I even had some take home food -- cookies, pasta, and the matcha cake. *sigh* I want to repeat that happy Saturday all over again. 😁

And that's my random rumblings for the past few weeks. I actually have a lot more to say, but I guess I need to know the boundaries of what I could and couldn't share online. 😅

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