Give Yourself a Try (The 1975)

June 04, 2018

This is not a drill. The 1975 is back! Two years after their last album's release, they finally announce updates for their next album! On June 1, they released a new track entitled Give Yourself A Try.

You can never undo the process of hearing a song for the first time.

I have this tradition wherein I have to listen to a song (that I have highly anticipated) with eyes closed to highlight my sense of hearing so that I can process this new music with my undivided attention. So this is what I did listening to Give Yourself A Try

I was bracing myself for something out of this world again (maybe because of how I felt listening to Love Me for the first time) but listening to the intro gave me a feeling that I would actually love this song.

And then Matty's vocals come in-

You learn a couple things when you get to my age
Like friends don't lie and it all tastes the same in the dark
When your vinyl and your coffee collection is a sign of the times
You're getting spiritually enlightened at 29

Songs can have different effects to people, and each has their own interpretation of its message. Listening to this first verse for the first time, some lyrics hit hard. It doesn't help that I am at the same age as Matty, huh. As much as how I connected with If I Believe You from their previous album, that last line was timely for me. I think I'll be able to discuss that further in a future post.

Won't you give yourself a try? This is a question Matty repeatedly asks throughout the chorus. For me, it's a question I have been avoiding for the longest time, because I am afraid of change. I am scared of the unknown. But deep inside, I know I won't be really satisfied if I don't at least give it a try (clue: this is related to one of my goals for this quarter). Thanks Matty for reminding me of my dreams in this life.

The only apparatus required for happiness is your pain and f*cking going outside

Experiencing pain is essential to appreciating the good times in life. I do agree with that. And yes, going outside and showing up is good for your social relationships (just like what was stated on that one book I read). There have been several instances wherein I was really not in the mood to go out and join an out-of-town getaway. I was always tempted to come up with an excuse to stay at home. In some instances I actually did that, and there were some that I dragged my body out of bed and prepared to get out. And 100% of the time, I was glad I went. Although I still have those moments, I try to remind myself that being outside and socializing is way better than spending my whole day online browsing stuff on Reddit/Youtube/Instagram/Tumblr. 👍

And what would you say to your younger self?
Growing a beard's quite hard
And whiskey never starts to taste nice
And you'll make a lot of money, and it's funny
'Cause you'll move somewhere sunny and get addicted to drugs
And spend obscene amounts on f*cking seeds and beans online

Although I don't relate to these lines literally, it conveys another meaning for me. What would I actually tell my younger self? For now I still can't put all of it into words, but I know I will feel apologetic telling all of it.

I really really loved the song. I am, not at all, unfazed by that guitar, as most fans had pointed out. I'm not a fan of the music video, but knowing the band, it was not a surprise to see them in a video like that.

Based on their BBC Radio One interview, the album, titled A Brief Inquiry to Online Relationships, is still not 100% finished at the moment. They will be dropping 2 albums (omg!) - ABITOR will be on October, and another, which Matty mentioned will be called Notes on a Conditional Form, will be out May next year.

I am very excited to hear new music from the band! For sure they will be touring around the world again. I've already seen them twice, but I promised myself I'll splurge for the best tickets next time they drop by in Manila for a show again!

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